”Water is ours”  is the movie is about the threat of privatisation of the watersupply in Latinamerica. American companies succeded to take over watersupplies-companys in several latinocountries. The result was very expansive watercost that many couldn’t afford and also bad salaries and conditions for the workers on these watercompanies.

The documentary ”Water is ours” shows how the latinos fought back and could put back the administration of the watercompanies so that it became nationalised again (an heroic achievement). Many latinos dies in this battle. In this film we can also see the subversive effect of this ”free trade agreements” like TISA. We also see that global financial institutions like the World Bank is supporting the dangerours privatisationmethods.

The latinos shows us what can be achieved if all go together and fight for a common cause. Impressive. This film is made by PSI Global Union who is a global network of unions.


PSI global union



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