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June 2018

In 2012 there was an Nato summit in Chicago. There were protests against the summit from different groups. The video below did record those protests.  The video starts with clips from Natos wars accompanied with a song:


“The USA will swagger on, such wealth and power, will call the third world home. The gears of war, are cooperated owned, imperial death machines, that run on the blood of the poor”.


Demonstrant #1

-Nato was created 20 years ago with the purpose of fighting against Soviet.  Soviet has disappeared but Nato is still fighting. Nato continue to make wars all over the world.

U.S. veteran:

– In our eyes Nato is an enforcement for the multinational corporates.

Demonstrant  #2:

It’s all about capitalism. Nato is an imperialistic arm of G8.

wars nato usa


Vince Emanuele – Marine Corps veteran:

“We expose the connection between the economic power and the military power. The connections between the World bank and IMF and their imperial arms like Nato and the United States. Around the world people are being asked to take austerity measures”.

“We’re looking at this as a design. It’s a design that was meant to fail. If you don’t want to tax the rich, if you don’t want to tax corporations, if you don’t want to tax financial institutions. If you depend 800 billion dollars per year on your defense budget. at the same time we’re being told that we must cut social services, we have to cut welfare programs, school teachers are to blame, unions are to blame, minorities are to blame, women are to blame and so on. These are the people who have to pay for this so-called austerity measures.  At the same time we’re spending billions of dollars in war in Iraq and Afghanistan”.

Veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan were present at the protests. The veterans throw their war-medals away. War wastes many resources, money and lives. The result is a lot of destruction.

nato wars_usa wars_

Demonstrant #2

It’s important to demonstrate against Nato. We know that the people are not in favour of this wars. People are not in favour for paying for Wall Street.


The trend of Nato interventions involves military forces from wealthy parts of the world fighting with unimaginative-military advantages with regards to weaponry against impoverished groups in the third world.
Humanitarian reasons have been used as the primary justification in almost all of these intervention wars led by Nato.

List of Nato Interventions:

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Kosovo
  • Afghanistan
  • Pakistan
  • Iraq
  • Somalia
  • Libya
  • Syria


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