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Juni 2017

United Nations wants to turn most of America into a wildland and stack the people into mega-cities (smart cities). The project is called The Wildlands Project and is part of Agenda 21.

GLOBALISM. United Nations wants to  depopulate the urban areas of the U.S. The project is called The wildlands Project. The purpose of the U.N. is to place the Americans in Mega cities around USA. The reason why the U.N. wants to depopulate the urban areas is to “save the environment, save endangered species and the wildlife”.


The plan is laid out in the book Global Biodiversity Assessment. In the picture below – which is from that book –  the red areas will be totally wild land and depopulated. The yellow areas will be buffer zones and slightly populated. The black dots will be the mega cities where the Americans will be stuffed like cattle. The Wild lands Project is part of Agenda 21. 

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Map over The Wildlands Project in the book Global Biodiversity Assessment.

The video below explains more about the Wild lands Project. The text below is transcribed from that video.


The Wilderness Project is a very well-funded effort to lock up as much as 50 percent of the United States in the wilderness. It is heavily promoted by most environmental, non-governmental  organizations. The International Union of Conservation of Nature, the IUCN, help created this project in the mid 80’s  to be the foundation of the United Nations convention on biological diversity which the IUCN wrote in 1982. The IUCN is an international group of over 1 000 NGO’s and government members.

Environmental groups have effectively created a public image as organizations caring for helpless species and protecting environments. This has allowed them to implement an agenda in America that if fully exposed would be opposed by the majority of the people. In fact, most people supporting these organizations are not aware of their long-term objective. even though it is no secret.  Take a look at the wild lands map. It defines where environmentalists want to take America in the very near future. The areas in red would be off-limits to humans. The areas in yellow represent buffer zones, where limited use is allowed primarily to travel to and from populated areas.

The areas in green are where normal use by humans will be allowed. However, by the environmentalists own admission, these normal use areas will be restricted. When this plan was first published in 1992, the author Reed Noss, explained how their agenda would affect the human population. He stated:

– Eventually a  wilderness network would dominate a region and thus would itself constitute the matrix with human habitations being the islands.

IUCN_agenda 21_climate change_ wildlands project_united nations

Inger Andersen Director General for the International Union for the Protection of Nature (IUCN) (2017). The method of the IUCN is to conserve wild lands for the purpose of ” safeguarding biological diversity”.  The control of our properties will be transferred to elite land trusts or to the government.


No one, not even the longtime opponents of the environmental movements believe such a transforming agenda was possible. However, it is being implemented quickly through innocent sounding programs that most Americans support: wilderness areas, critical habitat for endangered species, wetlands, roadless areas, national heritage areas and other restrictive programs are sold to the public as necessary to protect nature. Or as an assurance that the Americans will always have a place to from the heavily populated cities. More inventive tools in programs such as conservation easements, smart growth, open space and green lining are being promoted as a way to control growth. What all these programs have in common is extinguishing the private property rights of American citizens and transferring the control of the property to elite lands trusts or directly to the government.

The environmental movement would not be able to implement their agenda without the cooperation of our government, at all levels including state-and federal officials and even county commissioners. To help facilitate the environmental goals the Clinton-administration quietly created the Gap Analysis Program or GAP for short. GAP divides the land into ecosystem regions and identifies the properties not yet under the control of state and federal governments: in other words, private property . These private holdings are then targeted for preservation by government agencies and land-trusts through conservation easements, purchase and condemnation. Although the GAP-program has not been completed in all states, the data from this project is already being strategically used to target landowners. Not surprisingly the areas of protection defined by GAP follow closely along the same boundaries those shown on the wild land-map.

It is frightening to see  how much of Americas land has recently been consumed as a result of this agenda. For instance, the state of Florida utilized the data from GAP to implement an aggressive conservation-plan called Florida Forever. Since the early 1990’s over two millions acres in the state of Florida has been locked up through this program. The private property owners within the target area was forced to give up their land under the pressure from extreme environmental regulations. Purchased an outright condemnation and the Florida Forever campaign is not complete. At the current rate that environmentalists are implementing their agenda in every state in every county and soon in every town. Private property is quickly being eliminated. It will not take the 80 to 100 years they originally projected to complete their task. They are much closer to achieving their goal that anyone realizes.

Environmentalists have scared the Americans into thinking that if we continue to live the way today, the earth will self destruct, species will die and the globe will be covered with development. However government data shows that only six percent of Americas landmass is currently developed. Only three percent of America is classified as urban. Yet 77 percent of all Americans live in these urban areas.  The rest is still largely untouched by humans. The problem is not that our nation is being overdeveloped, the problem is as old as time: it’s about who will own the land.
Large amounts of the nations resources are still owned by private citizens. Americas founders is opposed the concept of government or elitists owning the land in America. Which would result in the citizens being lease holders and serves. One of the most well-known property rights advocate of our time,Wayne Hage, said it best:

– Either you have the right to own property or you  are property.

Make no mistake, this battle is not whether the land will be used, resources extracted and wealth created , but by whom. Karl Marx wrote in the communist Manifesto:

– The theory of the communists may be summed up in the single sentence: abolition of private property.

Americas founding father John Adams stated:

– Property must be secured or liberty cannot exist.

Which course will America take? Hear directly from Dr. Michael Coffman, the man who first uncovered the wild lands map and presented it to the U.S. senate. Coffman will reveal the details of the environmental agenda and how the government is helping to transfer landownership in America. He explores each region and explains the tactics they using in different areas. You will learn what might ber used to target your land.

Environmentalists are counting on their agenda never being fully revealed. Their plan must be stopped before all of our liberty is taken.


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