The United Nations is created from a secret society whose goal is a world government led by the central banks.
 Edward Griffin is a lecturer whose working a big part of his life exposing the elite and its plans. The text below is based on a lecture that Edward Griffin held in 2008. The lecture is titled “The Quigley formula” and is based on the book “Tragedy and Hope” written by Carroll Quigley who was a part of this group.

Edvard Griffin:
Cecil Rhodes was a wealthy Englishman in the 19th century. He used some of his fortune to create a secret society. The purpose was to expand the British empire or to expand British traditions worldwide in a secret way. After a while the goals shifted and the new purpose was to create a world government. They would rule in the shadows.  They were the one which decided which politicians that would rule.  Cecil Rhodes was inspired by the Jesuit orden and also by Illuminati and he used their methods in  organizing  and in structuring. First the inner circle involved politicians and people from banking industry in England. After a while the base of the operation moved to New York, USA. Names like Rockefellers and Rothschilds got involved in the group.


The system was built up in circles. Those at the top knew the whole plan. Those at the next stage knew a part of the great plan but not everything and so on. The different circles was called “The society of the elect”, “round tables” and “front groups”. “Royal institute of International Affairs” is part of this group. In USA we have “Council of Foreign Relations” – CFR.

Quigley wrote in one of his books:

“The goal of this group is to create a global system of financial control. It’s ruled by private hands that dominate the political system in every country and it control the whole economy of the world. The system is controlled by central banks in a feudal style. These groups cooperate in silence and they have regular secret meetings”.

Griffin continues:

The group knew that you had to control the leaders in groups if you wanted to control the masses. They control the leaders in political parties, churches, unions, mass media and so on. their model was based on collectivism – which means total control on every individual.


 This group created the United Nations. UN is the hub of their activities. Some of Rhodes money went to Rhodes scholarship. It was designed to educate young people who had “the right attitude” and who would fit the group. The group made sure that their members got important jobs in the societies so that they could help push the agenda forward. These people lie a lot so that they can protect their cause. Other groups that is connected to this group is the Bilderberg group and Trilateral Commission. Communism is built on a similar model like they have.

Arnold Toynbee was a professor at London School of Economics. He was a member of this group and he trained people in collectivism. Arnold Toynbee wrote in an internal document:

“We are working in a discreet but strong fashion to get rid of this thing called sovereignty around the world. And at the same time we are denying that we are doing so”.


CFR – Council of Foreign Relations – is a front group for this society. CFR rules America. The list below is SOME of the people and groups who has/have had people that is CFR-members.
American presidents.

Herbert Hoover, Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, James Carter, George Bush Sr and  Bill Clinton.

Other politicians:

John kerry, Richard Cheney, Henry Kissinger, Madeleine Albright, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice and Donald Rumsfeld.


Walter Smith, William Colby, Richard Helms, Allen Dulles, William Casey and Michael Haydn.

Companies with  CFR-members:

AT&T, Avon, Bechtel, Boeing, Chevron, coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, Exxon, Dupont, Enron, Ford Motor, General Electric, IBM, Levis, Monsanto, Shell, Texaco and Xerox.

Mass media:

Army times, Associated Press, Boston Globe, Business Week, Dallas Morning news, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, New York Post, Washington Times, National Geographic, Rolling Stone Washington Post, ABC, CNN, NBC, Walt Disney.

AFF CIO, United Steelworkers of America, United Autoworkers, American federation of teachers, bricklayers allied craft, communication workers of America, Union of needle-trades.

Think-tanks in USA have about 443 members in CFR:

Aspen institute, Atlantic Council, Bilderberg group, Brookings Institute, Carnegie Foundation, Ford Foundation, Gogenheimer Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, UN association.

The universities of USA have about 532 members in CFR.

Financial institutes about 284 members.


Those people who gets invited to CFR know that they never have to look for a job again.

The inner circle laughs at this thing called democracy. Their purpose is to rule the world “for everyone’s best”. They WANT democracy. They rule by controlling the elections. They allow people to vote as long as they don’t vote for anything of importance. The group controls both candidates so it really doesn’t matter which one that wins. (I guess Trump and Brexit didn’t go as they planned and now we see that they do anything to sabotage that outcome).
Many laws in US has been written by CFR.

The companies that builds the voting machines are manipulating the elections. They have software that are DESIGNED to be hacked. Elections gives the people the illusion that they are contributing to the progress of the country.  The USA-election reminds of this rigged wrestling games you can see in TV. They perform a nice show and afterwards they greet each other in the changing room.

The secret society exists today and have been a strong force in the society since the first world war. Almost every major incident on this planet has been influenced by this company. Now when this group have existed in 100 years and have infiltrated the whole society they are ready to accomplish their most important task – the creation of a New World Order.


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