June 2018

Dr. Weston on microwave ovens. 



Later I was standing on the bridge of my navy ship when they lit off our radar array. I was horrified as I saw instantaneously fry a bird that was perched up on it. I wanna remind you that these are the same microwaves that we were using daily in our kitchen.

The microwave range was developed by the Nazis during world War 2 to efficiently feed their troops. The Soviets began studying it from its inception and found such negative things about it that they outlawed its use in Russia in the mid 1970’s.

How does a microwave oven really work? Microwaves are electromagnetic energy that violently attacks the water molecule, causing polarisation and friction, which creates the heat. The uneven distribution of the water in the food is the reason that there are hot and cold spots.

Microwaves oven decreases food value sixty to ninety percent. I read that broccoli lost 97 % of its value in a microwave oven but only lost 11 % when it was steamed. Microwave ovens causes a disruption in the formation function of your hormones. It disturbs brain function, particularly impacting concentration and memory. The oven diminishes the function of your immune system and make you more susceptible to things like cataracts.

It causes  a change in the heart physiology and rhythm. It increases blood sugar and cholesterol while decreasing white and red blood cells making you tends towards anemia. Microwave ovens increases carcinogens in all food that are cooked in a microwave. It transforms living foods into dead matter.

Its been determined that every microwave oven leaks microwaves into the atmosphere. That coupled with cellphones, TV,  transmission towers  and computers actually surrounds us with a microwave smog. And that smog has accumulative effect on us and our body becomes more sensitive over time. It’s clear that we should avoid electromagnetic energy whenever possible.



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