Based on the documentary  – The UN Deception  – made by John Birch Society. Part 2


In order to pave the way for national governments to surrender any political power to the UN, the globalists needs to create the appearance of popular support for their plans. For several decades the UN has organized non governmental organizations (NGO’s). The NGO’s must appear to be spontaneous with no connection with CFR/UN. The desired delusion is that the public  demanding change. The NGO’s  drives the UN agenda forward.

The UN  demonize the widespread of weapons availability as the cause of tragedy and death. UN have propaganda films that says that the citizens would be safer if they let the government to take away the weapons to defend themselves. Generating pressure from below, the NGO networks also plays a critical role in the push for civilian disarmament. IANSA is a network of these NGO’s created by CFR.

William Norman Grigg editor of the newspaper New American says:

” IANSA was not created as a spontaneous outpouring from global civil society as the United Nations would insist. It is entirely a creation of the United Nations in collaboration with tax-exempt foundations and socialist governments in Europe.”



 Revolutionary strategies has long recognized that a crisis can facilitate a major change in political arrangements. Among the useful crisis, war or the threat of war has always topped their list. The threat of environmental catastrophe is still another crisis being used to persuade Americans to accept a revolution in world political arrangements.

Even though many Americans has serious concerns about the environment such genuine concern in not motivated by the UN/CFR elite. Their objection is power. They have no interest in solving environmental problems as that would defeat their objective by removing the need of political change. More and more Americans are being told that global problems require global solutions. Global solutions meaning UN power.

History shows that giving more power to government is exactly the opposite that what those concerned about the environment should champion.

William Norman Grigg:

“It seems to me that people that who is genuinely concerned about environmental protections should understand that the last thing that we want is to turn over total power to a political elite that can despoil the environment without sanction”.

By contrast the best contractor of environment is private property owners simply because they have a vested interest.


Convened under the pretext of saving planet earth from environmental destruction, the 1992 UN Earth Summit  in Rio de Janeiro was a major watershed event for the globalist agenda. The summit put governments noticed that major changes was needed in economic agendas and in our institutions of governance. The earth summit gathering was  designed to give the illusion of planetary democracy at work while the NGO’s lobbied outside for tougher measures. In fact the principle program  of the summit had long in advance been worked out by the CFR.  In supporting the illusion of democracy at work UN propaganda films showed  the NGO’s at Rio as independent voice representing the cross-section of civil society.

Author William F. Jasper:

“The massive and growing NGO-contingent at the United Nations has become a global mob and if you look at who is actually funding them it becomes apparent. They are there to make the globalists more conservative  and at the same time give the appearance  that they are representing the people of the world, the people of the civil society. “

In many UN conferences there are  representatives of the indigenous people. UN gives the impression that these activists represents the genuine independent voice of their people.

Author William F. Jasper:

“On all UN summits you will see so-called representatives of indigenous people. They are they’re repeating the phrases that has been fashioned for them by the same NGO-leaders who are promoting the UN-line. “

The CFR-inspired  program that came out of Rio was Agenda 21. A massive environmentalist manifesto. A summary notes:

“Effective execution of agenda 21 will require  profound re-orientation of all human society unlike anything the world has ever experienced. A major shift in the priorities of  both governments and individuals.  There are specific actions that are intended to be undertaken by every person on earth. “


For several decades the globalists developed the idea of a permanent international criminal court with the power to try individuals. At the dawn of the 21st century the UN announces specific plans to implement such a court.

The CFR was pulling the strings behind ICC – International Criminal Court. In 1998 the UN convened a conference in Rome and creating a treaty that would establish the court. The ICC would be a venue to try  tyrants and other international threat to peace.  

In Rome a NGO-publication reminded attendees  at the conference where world justice was needed most. The primary target for the delegates and the NGO was the USA.

Author William F. Jasper:

“The ICC summit turned into a huge bash America feast. Each day the official delegates listened to speakers and NGO-reps talking about U.S. violation of human rights and of social injustice. They said that they wanted to use ICC to try U.S. citizens and U.S. officials for these told crimes. “

The message was: America is the source of evil of the world.

A treaty was signed for ICC in Rome. Professor Charles Rice. examined the proposal of the ICC:

“in our systems  lawyers are supposed to be a rule of reason which in a sense control the state and the state should operate under law. Under the ICC proposal that wouldn’t happen. Claiming jurisdiction to try Americans for actions committed in the United States for social injustice, crime against humanity,  that is a repeal of the declaration of  independence. This is outrageous. “

The Rome-treaty claim ICC to try any individual charged with genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity and aggression. No consensus was reached under this conference of a definition of this crimes. That would be left to arbitrary interpretations  of the ICC-judges.  prosecutors and councils can be drawn for authoritarian regimes that are resentful of Americans. The ICC will recognize no right to a trial by jury certainly no right to a speedy trial. An American citizen, whether in or out the U.S., could be accused of violating an undefined UN law. He would then be prosecuted by foreign prosecutors and judges. Then sent to some undisclosed prison somewhere in the world.

Walter Cronkite:

“Most important, we must sign and ratify the treaty for a permanent international criminal court”.

The Clinton administration initially objected and refuse to sign the ICC-treaty. Other political leaders show similar protest. Why some of this resistance was genuine much if it follow a familiar pattern. Many politician will often conceal their support for radical proposals by putting on an initial show of opposition. Eventually these politicians reverse themselves at a strategic moment.  Saying that a compromise has been achieved and the public is led to believe that its interests has been protected. Eventually the Rome-treaty was signed by Bill Clinton shortly before he left office.


If a UN-controlled world government is achieved, Americans can expect their life to change dramatically. Resistance to the UN would be impossible  and America would be incapable to defending itself from an emerging totalitarian order. For example, population control would go into effect in America. This control includes  mandatory abortion. To eliminate surplus population, euthanasia and assisted suicide would be promoted. Private and home school would be outlawed since UN takes control over all facets of education. Global taxes will be implemented on the Americans in addition to federal and state taxes.

To transform much of the U.S: land to wildlife habitats millions of Americans will be relocated and roads will be declared off-limits. The very right to own property will be restricted and eventually abolished all together. All law enforcement officers will fall under control under a global  UN police force. Local police would serve and protect the state and the entire U.S: military would fall under the command of the UN and UN peace keepers. Their prime objective: to suppress any opposition against the United Nations.  If the plan for a UN controlled world government continues, the Americans will discover that their constitutional rights will be gone. and resistance to the UN will be impossible. And that the once mighty America won’t be able to defend themselves against an emerging totalitarian order.


USA membership withdrawal from UN  could start UN to wither and die. House of representatives has the power to kill U.S. membership. A majority of 218 vote could effectively get U.S: out of the UN.

Tom Gow from John Birch Society:

“Congressman are focusing on job security and getting re-elected. The founding fathers intended it that way when they set up the House of Representatives to be responsive to the American people. And the internationalists know that and that’s why they been spending so much time to influence via mass communication so that they can influence public opinion. And it’s very difficult for the congressman to fight that influence from the news”.



John Birch Society



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