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Part 4 in Steven Greers lecture on UFO:s and the deep state in USA.

Dr. Steven Greer:

This document in from the Strategic Studies institute think-tank. The document is about global security strategies. It talks about contrived abduction scenarios. The document says that they need to create a global UFO-cult which will involve the abduction of citizens so as to foster an illusion that this earth is facing an extraterrestrial invasion. They talk about use of experimental drugs. Induced auditory input. Werner von Braun said that the most dangerous thing the things that can be done is to make people think they have an abduction experience when they not. They talk about experimental aircraft, which means man-made UFO:s. Special effects costuming and stagecraft among other things will be used to persuade the abductees of the reality of their circumstances. UFO-cult network will be controlled by U.S. intelligence to limit infiltration and to ensure that dissidents do not disrupt UFO long-term agendas. Uncontrollable dissidents will be assassinated. Preferably by directed energy means. Directed energy surveillance and weapons technology will be used for purposes of spreading fear and confusion in the population under deniable circumstances. Neuro-cybernetics and other psych-technologies will be used so to foster confusion and hypochondria in the population.  Psychiatrists and psychologists will plan an important role in these experiments.

Take this, combine it with man-made UFO:s, combine it with disinformation in general about the subject. And also certain chemicals, and you can launch an entire contagion of fear that’s based on man-made false events. This is  the false flag event I wanted to warn about. It’s already happened: the media, the film industry, any UFO-conference you go to is going to be filled information that is disinformation designed to create an us versus them dynamic of an alien threat. And the reason for this alien false flag is that it’s the only way to grow the military industrial complex. In order to sustain the level of expenditures and grow the military-industrial-intelligence-laboratory-financial-complex, you got to have another enemy. Werner von Braun on his deathbed warned that this would happen and it would be a hoax. I spoke with a guy and they made him look like an alien. He would be on these man-made flying discs. And go in and with a chemical canister and some electronics abduct people. They’ve done this since the 60´s. Over the decades they’ve developed little creatures that look like an ET, like a grey or reptile. They have a robotic weird walk. They’re under control of military operatives. The man-made UFO:s are so good that they could fool anyone. This is the heart of the secrecy. How do you convince people there another species to hate?

They actually took this from the playbook of Adolf Hitler. How did they get the German population to devolve into this horrific community that could engage in the holocaust and World War 2? Psychological warfare. So the psychological warfare masters that were involved in the German attempt got pulled into the OSS (former CIA) and they reside today within this unacknowledged transnational deep national security state. That’s the problem we’re facing. Almost everything you know about the subject is not true. About why they’re here. If something regarding this issue is reported in the regular media it is al least 30 to 40 years old. Everything that is acknowledged in the mainstream media is always old technology.

The French government decided to reach out to us to make peaceful contact with the ET:s and bypass this entire secret operations stuff. What the French government wanted was to have a protocol established so that they could to a friendly diplomatic contact with these civilizations in France. That was the Sarkozy administration. When we started with this communication with the French government the French ambassador to the United States got a very nasty phone call from the U.S. intelligence community. We did have a successful co-work with the french. There were many attempt from intelligence communities to stop that process. These ET:s are not hostile. If they were it would have been over a long time ago. From the first time we dropped the A-bomb.

One person told me that Some of these military teams comes in with black silence helicopters. They caught them red-handed doing mutilations on his cattle.  This is done by people who want scare the hell out of people, its part of the psychological warfare that was launched in 1953. They’re also in to cloning. Dolly the sheep wasn’t  the first cloning. With the right electromagnetic pulse it’s very easy to clone a human or an ET but you need some kind of biological medium and that’s what the cattle mutilations provide. So that they can do these man-made fake ET:s.

I say to people don’t be afraid of anything interstellar but you should be afraid of para- military humans. How do you tell the difference between a fake UFO  and a real? A real ET craft have no seams, the light is almost celestial looking. The being have a non invasive, intelligent, conscious and spiritual attitude. The fake ET:s are menacing, they’re invasive. The man-made UFO:s have rivets and seams. The public needs to know the difference between the real and the false ones and what the agenda is for the false ones. And how easy it is to manipulate the public into a cosmic 9/11, and get into a war . Get the public into fear,  then we will suspend our liberties, our freedoms and spent trillions of dollars and countless lives in a hoaxed battle. This is the big one that we need to be awake up to.

What these folks are doing in an illegal, unconstitutional operation. I did have a FBI agent say to me that this is top-secret documents, if I share that with anyone I would get so and som many year in prison. I told the FBI agent that my first call would be to Ted Koppel who I know and larry King and a few other people. The headline is gonna be:

“Emergency-doctor gets arrested for disclosing top-secret document that confirms UFO:s and that Marilyn Monroe got murdered by intelligence”.

This is the other part of disclosure, don’t be a lone wolf. Laurence Rockefeller actually wanted a disclosure on the subject but he was stopped by his brother David Rockefeller. There are agendas within this group that are separate and competing. One would be macroeconomic global control. They want the oil system, the central utility system and so on. Then you have the people who loved to see a final battle happen that would result in the end of the world. Then you have the sociopaths who really like endless wars. They love torture, they like destruction, they’re addicted to it. I met som of these people, they’re trye psychopaths, very scary characters.

Imagine this information coming out and be confirmed. And the world learns that for 60 years we haven’t needed oil, gas, or coal. Nobody wants to take the hit when that occur. Imagine if every village in Africa and every place in India had a free energy device, electrification, refrigeration and that crops could be grown under controlled environments with zero energy coast. This would change the macroeconomic thing so its being stopped. That has been going on for 60 years. The secret of free energy has been going on for a hundred years.

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