February 2018

This is part three of Steven Greers lecture regarding  the suppression of the UFO-issue  and the development of the deep state in the USA.

Everyone thinks we have a free press. On anything critical like this, we do not have a free press. Ira Rosen become the executive producer at ABC News New York. When I started moving forward with the disclosure Project Rosen came out to my farm in Virgina with a production team. I gave him 35 hours of top-secret testimonials and countless top-secret documents. Rosen said: “either this is the biggest hoax in the world or the biggest story in human history. And I thinks its the later.  We’re going to do a huge expose on this”. I told him that I don’t ‘t think that ABC News would let you to  a program on the UFO-issue.

A couple of weeks later Rosen called me up and said that ABC didn’t let him do the story. Later on a party I meet Bob  Schwarts. Bob Schwartz told me that the media has become described taking dictation from the right hand of the king, and particularly on something like this. Mike Wallace wasn’t able to touch this story and he went into a deep depression over it.

Steven Spielberg movie Close encounter of the third kind was a docudrama. Spielberg was getting access to some of the secret files at Wrigth-Patterson Air Force Base. Im modern times the Hollywood-studios is completely mobbed up with people who respond with the intelligence community. Arnold Kopelson was a huge movie-producer, had multi-billion dollar in gross sales. He flew me out to L.A. He wanted to do an enormous expose based on my work and what I’ve done. I was there at 20th century Fox and he had a 60 million dollar budget to do any movie he wanted. Kopelson said that this movie would be bigger that E.T. or Close encounter. I told Arnold that I don’t ‘t  think that Fox would let Kopelson to this UFO-movie. Kopelson had no doubt that he would be able to do the movie. A few weeks later I got a phone call from Kopelson. Kopelson confirmed that the film company didn’t let him to that movie. Fox killed it.

The big media do not allow certain things to be exposed. And we in America has been brainwashed to think that we are the land of the free, and that we have a free press and a free market. We do within a certain confine. How do you have a free market if the most important technologies and information of the last hundred is suppressed?  We have a controlled market.

You have the storefront with the military industrial unacknowledged complex special access projects. Even HUD-money (housing and urban development money) was used to this projects. When a person blow the whistle on this she got fired. This unacknowledged special access projects can penetrate not just the intelligence and the military but other agencies. And then get funds. And suddenly you got a huge river. The banking sector is the big one. You know that Federal Reserve board basically invents money out ot thin air. If you look att the corporate nexus between the banking and financial sector and this large corporations and these government agencies. There is a nexus that gets woven. And the real power is in the financial macroeconomic level. These banks basically can fund whatever or whoever they want. And can move money around with impunity. The gang banksters have learned how to use that system.

I was taken to the Wrigley mansion in Phoenix. There was a whole group of people sitting in a conference room in this mansion. Around the table were a whole bunch of suits. Most of them were corporate, a couple were government. They said to me that I shouldn’t bother with someone like the president or the CIA-director. They don’t know anything and they’re not going to. You need to meet with people like us. Greer say that there are certain orders of Jesuits priests who are involved with technology transfer policy. One guy pulled me aside and he said that I could take out as many platinum cards (credit cards) as I want. Give them to me. We will then zero out the account balances every month. You can spend several million dollars a month. This is banking fraud.

The person told me that they had many creative ways to get money. This guy headed up some folks who do the backup computers for the banking system. When you have trillions of dollars going back and forth daily in currency exchange and transactions, there’s an odd amount left over for less than a penny. Those money gets dripped in to a black fund account. In a year it becomes tens of billions of dollars. So you have the black budget unacknowledged budgets, you have the corruption and fraud within the government system, you have the productization, you have the banking corruption and you have drug trade. When I first heard this from an attorney who was representing a man’s family whose husband – a marine colonel – was murdered because he saw the offloading drugs at a military base in California, I thought that this was a bridge too far. I did not actually believe it. The marine was at the wrong place at the wrong time: a restricted area and a restricted facility where one of our aircrafts was unloading a large amount of drugs. The drugs then would be sent out to various drug cartels. They killed him and made it look like a suicide.

There was a woman who owned a 5 000 acre sheepranch in South Dakota. Nearby  the ranch was what had been a chemical weapon storage area and an underground facility. She had resources and had her own people got out with nightscopes and found that ther were these man-made anti-gravity things going in and out this facility. They could see that they were unloading huge amount of chemical weapons, armaments and drugs. She contacted senator Daschle who started to dig in to it. Daschle got threaten personally and he backed from it.

I met and briefed the head of intelligence for the joint chief of staff i got an invitation from two men. They invited me to this condo. They asked med if I understood how dangerous this group is. They told me that there is an army of 8 000 men that are special operation folks. They move drugs all over the world. We have killed 2 000 of them, murdered them, thrown them out of helicopters because of minor infractions. This is by the way  why we don’t have legalisation of drugs.

I met with Prince Hans-Adam from Lichtenstein at Pierre Hotel four seasons in 1994. He told me that he thought that I couldn’t succeed to disclose this UFO-issue because of that the ET:s wouldn’t allow it. He told me that in 1989 president Ronald Reagan, Mikhail Gorbachev and then U.N. leader Javier Pérez de Cuéllar and Prince Hans-Adam was about to disclose the UFO-issue to the public. To end the secrecy. What happened was that Pérez de Cuéllar was abducted by aliens in Manhattan. He was taken onto an ET craft where he was threatened by the ET:s and told if he disclosed the information regarding the ufo-issue the EY:s would l abduct every world leader involved including the president of the Untied States. This was a false flag. It was not ET:s, it was the military that did the abduction.

One of these secrets groups had a splinter group whose purpose was to stop leaks within these secret programs. They were doing false abductions. I found out that one person was in the security detail that night and set up electronics for this fake abduction. It was all a hoax. It wasn’t ET at all, it was 100 % military operation. Pérez de Cuéllar didn’t know that false abductions existed of course thought it was an ET abduction. The military term for this phenomenon is IMW = False Indication and Warning. It’s a false flag. Because of this incident they abandon the idea to disclose the UFO-issue.

Prince Hans-Adam did fund the secret groups because he was convinced that there was an existential threat from outer space. That’s has been the plan since the 50’s. He wanted the people to hate the aliens enough to pay the blood and treasure of world war 3. He wanted it to be the end of the world so that Christ would return. He said that he is only funding things which make people hate the aliens.

There is an agenda that was hatched in the 50’s. The agenda is to create a specter of a threat from outer space, that does not exist. Werner von Braun stated on his deathbed that they will first have the Cold war. Then we decided that there would be nations of concern. Then there will be global terrorism. Then that will be followed by “threats” from outer space. The ultimate trick they’re going to play is the alien threat and its all a lie. In order for the lie to work they had to create a body of disinformation and frightening scenarios and actual events. That would be convincing to our policymakers, to the public and to UFO-public. This has been the 50 to 60 year plan. They have been wanting to provoke an interplanetary conflict. This creates a huge problem. They will manipulate people through fear. When I discovered that there was an alien false flag agenda I was told by some intelligence people: don’t talk about that because that’s what’s really dangerous for you. You’re defaming their next big war plan. The next big war is not terrorism, its interstellar. If you expose it as a hoax, it take all the steam out of their plan.

I did an interview with William Pavalec whose now has passed away. He told me about this RFID-chips implants back in the 70’s and 80’s. He did special programs for the CIA and Siemens and Silicon Valley manufactured two billion RFID-chips. The chip can transfer where you are but the really advanced ones have the ability to control thought-behaviour. The company EG&G is one of the company’s that is manufacturing the implants that you’re taking out of these abduction victims. The implants are not from outer space. Those implants are human made.




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