January 2018

This is part 2 of Dr. Steven Greer  lecture about UFO:s and the development of the deep state.

There are many people in the Congress that know that the UFO-issue is real but refuse to hold a hearing since they would be called Senator tin foil hat and so on. the method of ridiculing the UFO-issue has been very effective. In 1993 Steven Greer was asked by the then CIA-director R. James Woolsey to brief about the subject of UFO:s since the director himself couldn’t get any information. Hundreds of billions of dollars per year are going into these secret space programs. The deep national security state from 1950’s until today has devolved to this unacknowledged transnational entity, with representation in the UK, Canada, Australia, Brazil, China and Russia.  These secret entities are not responsible to the heads of government.


George Bush Sr. was member of a secret group.  Some presidents has been given little information and some presidents has been told nothing. Why is it that some  people in high positions are being left out? The deep state check your values. And if your values are that you would not go along with an illegal, criminal, unconstitutional effort. And engage in illegal assassinations and other things, they will never tell you about this secret projects. Even if you are the president. This happened to Jimmy Carter. George HW Bush was asked personally by Jimmy Carter about the UFO-issue and Bush said to Carter that “I’m not gonna tell you about that”. Carter himself has had an UFO-encounter in Georgia.  Carter wanted to end the UFO-secrecy in 1976. Carter put together a White House study on UFO:s.  Carters team was reached out to Stanford Research International (SRI) to do the study for them. The SRI then got some people in to threatened them and said basically that if they wanted to receive any more contracts from the Department of Defense or the U.S. government they would refuse to do this study for the White House. Carter never got access to these programs because he would have ended the secrecy and they knew it.

After Carter came Ronald Reagan. The Star Wars-program in the 80’s was a cover story for targeting space interstellar vehicles using these scalar weapons. They convinced Reagan that there was an existential alien threat. Reagan bought into it. Reagan even talked in the U.N. about uniting against an alien threat. There is a prevailing need for people to be given targeted and tailor-made disinformation. Information that is geared towards scaring the hell of them so they go along with the agenda of militarism, as opposed of peaceful contact.

Lord Hill Norton was an high-ranking officer in U.K. who was left outside despite his rank.  I met him and he asked me: “why didn’t they tell me?” Greer asked Norton “What would you have done if you found out that there was a transnational entity , unacknowledged, running unconstitutional in your country and mine, engaging in assassinations, keeping from the planet technologies that would save the earth from environmental destruction and eliminate poverty within a generation. And that they’re using these technologies to try to provoke an interstellar conflict and world war 3. And that this group was completely off the radar?” Norton almost screamed: “I wouldn’t have stood for it for  a  bloody minute”. Greer told Norton: “That’s why they didn’t tell you. They knew that you wouldn’t go along with that agenda”.

What they do is to accumulate people who are enormously evil  and who want to see terrible damage done to the planet. Because at their core, they love war and conflicts.  They don’t want peace to break out. Greer did also brief Bill Clinton when he was president about the UFO-issue but Clinton didn’t dare touch the subject. On every secret base there are contractors that runs these bases. You have Bethel Corporation, you have Lockheed  Martin and so on. Some of these bases are run by NASA. Northrop and Lockheed have had manmade UFO:s since 1954. We send astronauts up on rockets that blows them up and kill them. when we have had these advanced things since the 50’s. These companies work on manmade aliens. They have integrated circuits in their brain and they walk around as little greys, reptilians.

Greer then list a couple of bases that’s dealing with this stuff. One facility is Fort Huachuca. It’s an underground base They have had a storage with nine extra terrestrial spacecraft that had been shot down using these electromagnetic pulse scalar weapons. And they had a whole lot of different ET spices that were frozen there. One other facility is in Cheyenne Mountain, under the mountain in Colorado Springs, has an area for deep space tracking of interstellar that are in our solar system.

Bechtel does most of the underground base construction Boeing Aerospace, EG&G are creating electronics and nanotechnology implants that are put into abduction victims. People that think they had contact with ET:s but they are actually being abducted by military and corporate folks. Mitre Corporation is very key in anti-gravity and high-tech. Denize Mckenzie worked at SIAC (Science Application International Corporation) as an administrative person. SAIC was running multi-million dollars contracts for the US government. She was warned to not ask questions. She was told that her office receives the money then they generate false reports back to President and to Congress. It’s illegal.  The money then passes out of that office to a black project dealing with UFO:s, electronic, anti-gravity and so on.

Donald Rumsfeld said the day before 9/11 that 2,3 trillion dollars were unaccounted for. I have heard that it’s 8,5 trillion dollars now. These 8,5 trillion dollars has been embezzled, misappropriated, used without the knowledge of the Congress or the President.

There was one astrophysicist at Harvard named Dr. Donald Menzel. Menzel was the chief UFO-debunker in the 60’s regarding UFO:s.  He was on many panels and he looked at evidence and he would say “not true”. Menzel was on CIA:s payroll. Greer has a document from CIA where they talk about  CIA.s contract with Dr. Donald Menzel at Harvard. And they say in the document that it can not be acknowledged that Menzel is being paid by CIA because the public needs to believe that Menzel is an “objective scientist” telling the perch of respectability at Harvard. Another fake committee was the Condon committee from the university of Colorado. This committee also debunked everything that was related to UFO:s. Greers document confirms that professor Edward Condon was on the payroll of the CIA. All the time he was masquerading as an “objective scientist”. This is how it’s done. Carl Sagan was another one who was on the payroll of the intelligence community. The intelligence community reached out to Sagan and told him that he’s going to tell the public what we want you to tell the public or you’re not going to be a professor. Sagan became a chief debunker of UFO:s. They had dirt on him. Magnify this all through society, that’s how it operates. 




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