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January 2018

In this lecture from 2015 Dr. Steven Greer talks about the Deep National Security State and UFO:s. Greer says that the development of the deep state is highly associated with the secrecy of the UFO-issue.

This is part one of the Alien False Flag Attack-series and this article is about the history and background of the UFO- and free energy phenomenon.

Greer has been involved in this area for over 25 years. He is the founder of the Disclosure project which is a project that seeks peaceful intervention with ET:s.

Steven Greer:

This lecture contains information that even the President of the United States doesn’t know. Greer has been working with this material for over 25 years. What is the deep security national state? Greer had contact a few years ago with French authority who was interested in peaceful contact with ET:s (under President Sarkozy). Greer says there are two governments. One government are We the people, those people or have elected. Then there is the deep national security state of unacknowledged special access projects. These unacknowledged special access projects are projects that has not been supervised by the President or the Congress since 1950. This deep state or these projects was formed because of the secrecy of the UFO-issue.

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In the World War 2 we had these things called foo fighters. Foo fighters were objects that were flying around our aircrafts in WWII. Sometimes these objects were materialized, most of the time they were an energy field that looked spherical. They could come through an aircraft an out the other end. This is the trans-dimensional nature of extraterrestrial technologies. They would disrupt the electromagnetic signals. They had effects on the gravity around an aircraft and so on. When the U.S. examined this phenomenon they reported to the White House that these vehicles are interplanetary.

Greer means that because of the fact that mankind were developing dangerous weapon during WWII, the extra terrestrial became concerned about what we humans were doing on earth. The ET:s have an interest in the survival of earth and of humanity’s survival. In the 40’s when the bases in U.S. that were working with the atomic bomb they were regularly overflowed by UFO:s. Roswell had scalar longitudinal electromagnetic weapons on which they took down three UFO:s with. Scalar system are multiple of the speed of light. These scalar systems have been deployed since mid 1940’s.

Greer shows a declassified document from CIA from 1953 where the Director of the CIA speculates about using the UFO-phenomena for psychological warfare purposes and for intelligence operations. The intelligence community in the U.S. wanted to set up a deception around  the subject and put out false information. They would use it in such a way that it looked like a UFO had done something when in fact it was manmade. And the public would be fooled. They want you to believe it’s a UFO. Why? because it provides a cover for classified research with technologies that if they were allowed to come out would terminate the oil and gas and coal industry. They are using zero-point energy end gravity control.

The late Richard Foch said it was in the 1950’s that U.S. mastered gravity control. They make an object weigh almost nothing. Velocity is inversely proportional to mass. If mass becomes zero, velocity can go to infinity. You can move into another dimension, you go trans-dimensional. Instead of a space shuttle that goes at 25,000 miles an hour you can go at several millions miles per hour. You can take a right turn and there is no deceleration effect. Adolf Hitler was working on gravity control and the Nazis had almost perfected gravity control.

OSS (Office of Special Services, forerunner to CIA) had operation Paperclip. OSS selected Nazi scientists and made sure they didn’t hade to go to Nuremberg trials but instead the OSS took these guys to USA because these scientist had the knowledge about gravity control. One of these scientists where Werner von Braun. Hermann Oberth was another of these guys. These Nazi-scientists became the foundation for the U.S: space programs in the 1940’s and 50’s. Add to this that the U.S. had got hold of material and electronics from interstellar vehicles that were shot down.

The scientists didn’t start from scratch. Nicola Tesla and other Bright people had laid the groundwork. When Tesla died the FBI raided his home and took all his documents. Integrated circuits and fiber optics technology came from these interstellar vehicles.You then had the biggest and the most top-secret most well-funded project in the history of the United states going on and nobody knew about it. It was more secret than the hydrogen bomb. 

With this technology at hands you don’t need an intercontinental ballistic missile that goes a few thousand miles an hour if you can deliver something instantly from  one continent to another. Or worse, from one planet to another. The secrecy around this project was increasingly ruthless. In 1956 Nelson Rockefeller headed up the Rockefeller Commission. And what they did was to reorganize the Pentagon, Department of Defense, CIA and other entities so that these entities became almost impossible to penetrate and have an insight in for the Congress and the President. President Eisenhower was very frustrated that he didn’t get full access to these programs. When Eisenhower left office he made his famous speech about that we should be aware of the military-industrial-complex (MIC). Eisenhower said that the MIC will become a threat to our national security and our way of life, not the UFO:s but the secrecy. Even CIA-director Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter warned about the MIC since even he was pushed aside by the neo-fascists who had taken over the intelligence community, the aerospace community and the large corporations. Hillenkoetter said that the secrecy around the UFO-issue is a threat to the United States. Between 1940 up to mid 50’s there were a takeover by the corporate state. Corporations working with unacknowledged special access projects which are completely off the radar, not funded officially. They become out of reach for members of Congress and for the President. From that on the national security apparatus got bigger and bigger.

Jack Kennedy took over office in 1961 and was briefed on the subject. But he said to a person that “the whole matter is out of my hands and I don’t know why”. The CIA wiretapped Marylin Monroe’s telephone. It is well-known that Monroe had an affair with JFK. JFK had talked to Marylin Monroe about that he had been on an airspace base and inspecting things from outer space. Marylin Monroe were later ignored by the President and Monroe had said over the phone that she threatened to have a press conference to reveal the secrecy about UFO:s.  Two days later after that phone call she was found dead. The Kennedy did not order the assassination but Angleton did. James jesus Angleton was the mole hunter within CIA. Angleton realized that Monroe was about to hold a press conference and talk about the UFO-secrecy because Monroe was angry that the Kennedy’s had jilted her. That cost her life. Greer says that everybody of Monroes friends knew that Marylin had been killed but the never knew why. Jack Kennedy became furious that someone in the intelligence community had killed Marylin Monroe. Kennedy was planning to dissolve the CIA, get us out of Vietnam, disclose the information about UFO:s and make peace with the Soviet Union. But the Military-Industrial-complex said “no way” and that was the end of JFK.

John Foster Dulles were an CIA-director that also was killed. Dulles had started to talk about changing things. The way these unacknowledged projects work is like this: they take you to a SCIF ( Secure Communication Intelligence Facility). Take all the equipment off of you. And there’s a meeting. And only the people in that room are into and cleared to this unacknowledged special access project. There’s one person there with a gun and a bullet. He takes the bullet out and says “it has your name on it if you speak to anyone. That means your wife, your President, your commander”.

Greer says that he himself was offered a position in a special access project in 1992 but he rejected it. He was offered a two billion dollar fund if he would shut the hell up. These projects are illegal, it’s unconstitutional, it’s criminal, it’s dangerous. Once you have a breakdown in the rule of law, we are back in the jungle. We’re back in the Wild West where there’s a lawlessness. and that’s what has happened. Most Presidents since Eisenhower has been left outside these projects. Many CIA-directors have been left outside but not everyone.

Nixon was part of MAJIC (Majority Intellegence Committe – a secret group). Nixon wanted to disclose the UFO-subject. The deep state took Nixon down via Watergate. That’s the reason why Nixon was impeached. CIA-director William Colby was involved in the UFO–secrecy. He then thought that this project should be disclosed to the public. William Colby contacted Dr. Steven Greer and Colby wanted to bring forward the secret technologies about energy. If these technologies came forward it would end the oil, the global warming, the poverty and so on. Greer was about to meet CIA-Director William Colby in a secret meeting but a week before the meeting they found William Colby floating in the Potomac River. It was made to look like an accident but he was assassinated.

Imagine bringing out a technology that would that would run your house, pulling energy from what’s been called a zero-point energy field, that never has to be rebooted. It is said the every cubic centimeter of space has enough energy to run the United States for a year. Bringing out technologies like that would immediately make oil, gas, coal, Exxon Mobil, cars, combustion engines, jet engines, rockets, diesel ocean liner would be obsolete and would be retired very quickly. Every car at home would be self-sufficient unto itself.

How do they keep all this secret? One method is ridicule. CIA engaged Disney Studios to make flying saucer and little green men films. It ridiculed the subject so that people didn’t want to deal with UFO- and ET-issue. The ridicule was done deliberately in what’s called psychological warfare. How do you make a subject a subject non grata? You ridiculed it. Nobody wants to be laughed at. Everyone concerned that their friends might think. The tin foil hat and so on.

To be continued…


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    John Foster Dulles was never a Director of Central Intelligence and died in his hospital bed.

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