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February 2020

MIND HACKING. Dr. Robert Duncan has worked for government agencies like CIA, DARPA, Department of Defense (DoD) on a technology which is called Voice of God (VoG). Voice of God means that they can put voices into an individuals head and then control these individuals. The individuals that are being targeted are known as Targeted Individuals (TI’s). 

Video above: Dr. Robert Duncan talks about voice of god technology and targeted individuals. 

    Duncan says that one method is called Microwave Hearing Effect which is directed microwaves. The scientists believe that the brain expands slightly with microwaves which get conducted to the inner ear. One other method is called  LRAD – Long Range Acoustical Device. Another method is called VUK which is a microwave hearing effect which vibrates the brain with heat pulses that you hear in your inner ear. Plugging your ear doesn’t do any good. MIT came with the Hetero Dyning Effect which heats the water molecules which then causes vibrations into the ear.  The Voice of God technology was used in the Gulf War. Suddenly the Iraqi soldiers heard a voice in their head from “Allah” ordering them to put down their weapons – which they did.

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Nano-particles are coming into the body and activated with magnetism according to Dr. Robert Duncan.


    Duncan says that the individuals that are being targeted are known as Targeted Individuals (TI’s).   Before they can target a person that person’s brain print, their energy signature must be collected.  They map out your vocabulary and then they can have a computer talking to you – which is called chatterbox. They will try to disrupt the social network of an targeted individual so that they have no family or friends. They are trying to find out the maximum probability of death, at which point the TI will harm somebody or become a Manchurian Candidate. Many TI’s are talking about forced dreams, that their dreams are not their own. 

    They tricked one TI to believe that he had a microchip is his tooth so the TI pulled out all his teeth. A doctor that was a TI poked out his eardrums thinking there were microchip in there. They’re telling the TI that they’re gonna kill his family. TI’s talks about sleep deprivation. They’re forced to stay up for example 5 days and the sleep for 2 days. The TI’s can be made to believe that if the TI holds his pans and pots in a certain direction he won’t get tortured. They’re trying to see if they can make the TI wrap their cat in tinfoil, to make the TI think that the energy is coming from their cat. In Guantanamo prisoners started to hear voices and CIA has been caught implanting people with microchips. Mind hacking is just like hacking a computer. 

    Duncan says that some TI’s is an indirect army of controlled assassins. The agencies  reactivate a Manchurian Candidate to kill people. One purpose is to erode gun rights. This is how they engineer society. There are directed energy weapons. With these weapons they can create glowing orbs in the sky. The agencies are using the UFO-phenomenon to deceive people so that they don’t discuss this phenomenon as a military weapon. With 5G they will convince all the humans that they need implants so that they don’t need keys, credit cards and money. After that they can get full brain linkage. They want to connect all humans brain into one giant mind called the Hive Mind.


    Duncan goes into NASA’s project Blue Beam. Blue Beam included things like telepathy, two way electronic communications, making people think their god is talking to them, making Christians believe that the rapture is about to happen, letting humanity thinking an alien invasion is about to occur.  In Project Blue Beam NASA  come with the idea to project holograms in the sky of God’s face. Duncan means that it is all a New World Order stuff – one religion, one language, one currency  and so on. They’re try to unify the world into a one world government.

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  1. Believable. Horrifying. Satanic.This technology will never be used for the benefit of the public; only for the Globalist agendas. How does he live with himself and how is it that the alphabet agencies have not taken him out? Also if they are so smart then why have he & his colleagues not come up with a counter protection for this?

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