1. Dear Doctors,
    I have foud that this with the Corona Pandemic is a training, simulation that has been planned by The Worlds Economic Forum which has come together with FN and also WHO is in this. They have had an agreement with 196 countries all over the world, who all has signed on this and in this agreement there was told how the countries would react and what stept to take with lock-down and related things about both the economy and distance holding by the people. And all the countries did the same as it was told in this agreement, I think it was originally already in 2005. This so called virus the say is man-made as a bio-wapon. And they wanted to test it together with the 5 G to see the reactions. Hope this is of help for you, but I guess you have already found this out. It is on videos on Youtube. However fb and google is putting censorship on a lot of videos theese days, nearly everyone about theese things, so you can easily see where they stand.

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