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May 2019

The Christchurch call is a call to action to stop extremist and hate content online. On the other hand the Christchurch call will probably increase the censorship of the internet.

In march 2019 a terror attack occurred in two mosques in the city of Christchurch in New Zealand which killed 51 people and injured 50. The hit men was identified as Brenton Tarrent. Brenton Tarrent  streamed the massacre online on Facebook and he also announced on the platform Gab and 8chan what he was going to do. Brenton Tarrant had also written a manifesto rambling white separatist propaganda and white nationalism saying he was inspired by the right wing extremists in America (it really sounds like a false flag doesn’t it?).

The establishment quickly identified  Brenton Tarren as a white supremacist and part of the alt-right movement. The debate on hate speech and online extremist material online blossomed  and the establishment  once again blamed social media for allowing “hate content” on their platforms.


 In the aftermath of the Christchurch attack New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern together with French president Emanuel Macron established the Christchurch call. The purpose of Christchurch call is to “eliminate terrorist-and violent content online” and on the 15th of may 2019 they signed the pledge. This pledge is in cooperation with the majority of the tech companies.

Some of the  objects of the Christchurch call:

  • Urge tech-companies to enforce their terms of service and re-evaluate  their algorithms that direct users to extremist content, and commit to redirecting people looking for extremist material.
  • Take transparent, specific measures seeking to prevent the upload of terrorist and violent extremist content and to prevent its dissemination on social media and similar content-sharing services, including its immediate and permanent removal, without prejudice to law enforcement and user appeals requirements.
  • Describing policies and putting in place procedures for detecting and removing terrorist and violent extremist content.
  • Closing accounts where appropriate.
  • Describing policies and putting in place procedures for detecting and removing terrorist and violent extremist content.
  • Ensure effective enforcement of applicable laws that prohibit the production or dissemination of terrorist and violent extremist content, in a manner consistent with the rule of law and international human rights law, including freedom of expression.

Video above: press conference on the Christchurch call. Macron: ” For the first time, governments, international organizations, companies and digital agencies have agreed on a series of measures and a long-term collaboration to make the internet safer”.

macron censorship facebook internet christchurch call
Emanuel Macron is one of the initiators of the Christchurch call. This is not the first time that Macron is looking for internet restrictions. Some other suggestions from Macron: he wants to make “fake news” illegal, he wants to legislate against “disinformation”, he wants to block “offending sites”, he wants to restrict advertising on social platforms, under elections seasons he wants homepages to be able to be blocked, he wants heavy fines for sites that distribute “lies, rumors and gossip” , he blames RT and Sputnik for disinformation,  If a person posts a “suspected” terrorist link he should have house arrest for a year. Macron has created a French framework for social media.  Macron say that  legislation must be done so that we can protect “liberal democracies” and that this should be done with EU-legislation.


Video above: Justin Trudeau’s speech at Viva Tech Conference in Paris May 2019. Justin Trudeau blames the Christchurch massacre on social media and he means that it’s time to talk about policy.  Trudeau also announce that he has outlined a new digital charter and also that he has signed the Christchurch call.

Trudeau: “The platforms are failing their users. And they’re failing our citizens. They have to step up in a major way to counter disinformation. And if they don’t, we will hold them to account, and there will be meaningful financial consequences.The digital sphere has turned into a wild west. Citizens are living more and more life in a digital space that is unregulated and that leaves people  vulnerable. It’s up to the platforms and governments to make sure the the people are protected online. We also need governments to make sure that the public interest is not at risk. These platforms have become a breeding ground for extremists.

justin trudeau-digital charter-censorship internet-christchurch call

Justin Trudeau says that he wants do do something about “fake news and “disinformation” online.  Trudeau wants to fine social media platforms if they don’t remove fake news or “disinformation”,  Trudeau has made a digital charter for Canada that will combat fake news, Trudeau has a task force that identifies foreign interference in the election 2019, Trudeau is making a review on federal laws on the subject,

The tech companies have agreed on the Christchurch call:

“The Christchurch Call announced today expands on the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism (GIFCT), and builds on our other initiatives with government and civil society to prevent the dissemination of terrorist and violent extremist content. Additionally, we are sharing concrete steps we will take that address the abuse of technology to spread terrorist content, including continued investment in technology that improves our capability to detect and remove this content from our services, updates to our individual terms of use, and more transparency for content policies and removals”.



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