Donald Trump won the U.S. election 2016. but it’s now clear that 16 of the voting machines was owned by the globalist George Soros och there has been manipulation in the election in favor of the democrats.


Donald Trump won the election even though it’s clear that the voting machines had been rigged in favor of the democrats. There have been many reports of malfunction or manipulation of the voting machines. When you press a button for candidate A it gives your vote to candidate B.
thousands of voters have been changed from black voters to white voters. Thousands of voters have disappeared says Bev Harris an IT-expert. It is also known that dead people suddenly woke up from their grave and went voting –  their name has been registered as voters. In 2008 Obama won 110 % of the voters in one district – not bad. EU doesn’t use the machines of Smartmatic since they are known to be easy manipulated.


The company behind the voting machines is called smartmatic. And guess who owns the company – yes it’s George Soros. The globalist and destroyer of currencies – George Soros – owned 16 of the machines that was used in the US election 2016. George Soros is a true believer of the democrats and has been working hard to get the puppet Hillary Clinton to the White house. It looks that he couldn’t cheat enough with his machines to succeed. I really hope that America get rid of Soros voting machines; otherwise it’s quite clear what will happen in the next election of USA. The democrats will cheat their way into the White house.



Zerohedge: George Soros rigged voting machines






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