April 2017

 EU-Commission presents its proposal for a European Digital Single Market.

 The all-powerful European Commission has presented an action plan for a European Digital Single Market. They write, among other things:

“Juncker commissioner therefore want to create a digital single market with free movement of goods, persons, services and capital in which individuals and businesses access to goods and services online in a smooth and fairly, regardless of where they live or come from. With the completion of the digital single market, the EU can also maintain its world leadership in the digital economy and help European companies to grow internationally. The authorities can also offer more e-services “.


EFF have looked into the European digital single market suggestion.

“Unfortunately, this proposal is full of ideas that will affect users and platforms very negative. Article 13 and. copyright means that platforms (such as Facebook, Google, etc.) must pay a fee when they link to media companies’ news articles. The European Commission says that it will be difficult otherwise for media companies to make money online. This may mean that the platforms have to negotiate with thousands, maybe hundreds of media to bring about a paid license with them. “

“All platforms must create programs that scan the material uploaded on the platform. If the media are trying to be uploaded and the platform does not have a license with the relevant media companies such material must be blocked. This also applies to things such as photographs and the like. This  mean that overnight the free Internet will be controlled and supervised . One such proposal involves a tremendous intervention in the freedom of expression “.

The site Open Media writes:

“The EU wants to introduce a” link tax “for the platforms. When text snippets appearing on a site, you should news sites to get paid for it. It is clear that the right to link the Web is under attack. Any attempt to try to stop linking weakens the open Internet. If these proposals are approved, then our right to share and access to materials to deteriorate drastically. “

Video below: a number of MEPs from Brussels from different groups join forces against the EU Commission’s proposal to censor the links.

Video below: Tim Aker of the Eurosceptic group EFDD gives his viewpoint on the harmonization of copyright. Tim Aker believes that harmonization means that our freedom is limited


What we are witnessing in terms of proposals on the Digital Single Market in the EU and copyrights are nothing more than attempts at censorship and control of the Internet by the European Commission. We should know by now is that the EU is really looking for the control and power – everything else talk is really just a smoke screen. 

A European single digital market – no thanks!


EFF upload profiling mandate …

EFDD EU Parliament


By Factio popularis Europaea, CC BY 2.0,

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