October 2017

“It’s the stuff of science fiction. a future where society is collated, automated and regulated on a planet where everything we ingest, from water to medicinal to food. from farms to grocers shelves  from cradle to grave is determined by multinational corporation”.


Some would call this progress a necessity in this technocratic world. others dismiss this view as naive and see dark designs behind the machinations of a growing international bureaucracy which they believe is overseeing a power grab by the wealthiest companies on the planet.

Many reject this believes as one part conspiracy theory and one part lunatic fringe. but it is not a fantasy, not at all. and the aims is justified. a shadowy international badly – Codex Alimentarius – sanctioned by the United Nations is where the political and economical battles are being waged for the future  of the food and medicine supply. It is there where multinational corporations have lined up in an attempt to influence international regulations. And where they hope to sign exclusive contracts to feed and care for the masses worldwide.

In america the FDA  stated its intentions long ago. They intend to harmonize food and health care along with big food and Big Pharma with Codex Alimentarius.

They do this regulations from the scrutiny from a disinterested media. Yet their power will be so far-reaching that it is almost unimaginable to us here in present days.

Peter DeFazio – U.S. congressman (2005):

– This will be like the ultimate reaching of government into our personal health lives. And not even our government but some bureaucratic diffuse multinational secretive government.

If they succeed, health care, and indeed our lives will never be the same. the battle for personal sovereignty  is being waged right now. with Codex Alimentarius.

Scott Tips, Natural Health federation:

– I mean these FDA fa bureaucratic meetings on distant shores will support increasing internationalization and harmonization of our domestic legislation to the international legislation. And international standards and guidelines are being formulated by Codex Alimentarius and other international bodies. And the interesting thing is, if you look at the strategic plan for codex Alimentarius commission it says: these standards and guidelines is intended to be implemented both domestically and internationally.

In the war against Codex Alimentarius few have understood its implications better than Scott Tips.  – President of the National Health Federation. Tips was recognized as an INGO – an International Non Governmental Organisation at Codex- meetings. NHF, the worlds oldest health freedom organisation was granted that status and the power brokers at codex meetings have regretted it ever since.

– There´s only one Codex Alimentarius in the world and there is only one health freedom organisation that represents the consumer. I believe that every generation has its own struggle against power brokers who want to control individual freedom. It’s an issue of personal freedom versus the bureaucratic mind and so the health freedom issue to me is a primary human rights issue.

NHF has been at the forefront of the battle for medical freedom of choice since the beginning. Challenging the FDA and Congress at every turn to preserve the rights to consumers. If Codex rules are adopted worldwide though, it will become virtually impossible to use dietary supplements therapeutically because dosages will be too low and synthetic ingredients would replace natural sources.

Bill Sardi, medical researcher

-There has been a concerted effort to try to limit the amount of vitamins and minerals and dietary supplements for some time now. What they want are the recommended dietary allowances which are simply the minimal amount to prevent deficiency diseases. So if they can be successful  we would obviously not be able to achieve therapeutic doses or even prevent disease.

At each Codex-meeting, the NHF has been fighting the commissions designs to create what they term “safe upper limits” on vitamins and minerals.

Bill Sardi:

-One of the questions that is asked is why is there a movement to establish an upper limit on the dosages of dietary supplements, vitamins and minerals? And we do ask that question because were asking: where are the dead bodies? Where is the mortality

– We went back and looked at the poison control data and there were certainly no deaths in the last eight years reported. So dietary supplements are the safest consumer products that we can find. They have been mischaracterized as somehow unsafe, that the public needs to be on guard in taking dietary supplements.


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