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May 2018


In the video below Joel Skousen gets interviewed by the Youtube-channel The Black Banners of the East Satellite. The topics are US relation to ISIS in Syria and Iraq and the proxywar in Yemen. This interview was released in mars 2018 on YouTube.

Britain has licensed over six billion dollars worth of military equipment to assist Saudi Arms forces. Including personal to the Air Force control room advising on targeting. What exactly is going on in Yemen? The attacks have been large-scale. What’s Britain doing involved in all this?


Skousen says that a couple of years ago that Yemen was part of the same coalition as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Turkey and Israel. And this group basically funded and supplied arms to US-backed terrorists in Syria.  The U.S. and British intelligence  created ISIS in Syria and told them that they’re now called ISIS. The U.S. and Britain gave ISIS weapons. This was an excuse for U.S. to get back in to Syria (“fight terrorism”). Yemen revealed information that USA was actually backing terrorism, not fighting ISIS. Yemen switched side and stopped backing the U.S. war on terror. The U.S. did a military raid on Yemen soil which resulted in over 20 civilian killed – including children. The raid wasn’t approved by the Yemen government.

When Yemen switched side tha Saudi Arabia started to attack Yemen (with military help from USA and U.K. ). Saudi Arabia’s attacks have had tremendous humanitarian issues. A lot of this has to do with the fact that there’s a proxy war going on between Saudi Arabia, the United States and Britain against Iran. Iran is in target for the globalists because Iran is the only Muslim country that can be self-sufficient in weaponry. The U.S. cannot allow that. Saudi Arabia has for many years been a puppet state of America and British intelligence in terms of funding the war on terror.yemen_war_saudi arabia_usa_nato

Saudi Arabia is attacking Yemen. How many people have to die in this coward attack from Saudi Arabia.


Skousen talks about a meeting that was held in 2006 in London. In that meeting the persons were talking about how Israel had been tasked since 2004 to attack Iran. The persons on the meeting were displeased that Israel hadn’t done this attack yet. One participant said that the reason Israel hadn’t attacked Iran yet was because they fear Syria and their weaponry. So the person said that Israel is not gonna attack Iran until you take care of Syria. After this meeting the globalists tasked USA to take down Syria. A month after this meeting the U.S. declared that Syria had used chemical weapons on its own civilians in Damascus (John Kerry). This was of course not true but USA needed an excuse to attack Syria. One of the so-called rebels admitted that the rebels had received the chemical weapons from Saudi Arabia. So this was a black operation, a false flag operation to blame the Assad regime.

The overall goal of USA:s wars  is Iran. That’s why U.S: has four carrier groups off the coast of Iran constantly threatening  an attack. In 2007 when Ron Paul was running for president the CIA came out with its Nationel Intelligence Estimate which said that Iran didn’t ‘t have a nuclear program. Then the establishment made sure Ron Paul couldn’t win the U.S: election. When Ron Paul was out of the picture, the CIA:s 2008 National Intelligence Estimate said that Iran did have a nuclear program.Israel was tasked to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities so that Iran would retaliate against U.S. troops and against Israel. That would give USA an excuse to obliterate Iran’s military.


U.S. drones are killing people in Yemen. Photo Djandyw License 2.0


When Syria agreed on chemical weapons agreement the USA didn’t have any excuse to intervene in Syria. That’s when the U.S. created ISIS. Right now we’re seeing Israel set the stage for a major attack on Syria under the excuse of fighting Iran. Russia bombed a convoy of oil tanks belonging to ISIS that were heading to Turkey. the oil from ISIS then went to Israel from Turkey. What the U.S. did do throughout the war on ISIS was to bomb buildings that were empty. Many of the ISIS-leaders were Mossad trained arabs, that are working for the Mossad. Theses leaders become the leaders of the ISIS-groups. The terrorists themselves don’t know they’re working for the US and British intelligence but the leaders do. The Iraqi parliament was shown videos of U.S. helicopters resupplying ISIS.

Video below: graphic imagery from the Yemen war.

The Iraqi government was complaining to the Obama Administration about three large weapons depots that were stockpiled. Iraqi asked U.S. to attack these depots but the Obama Administration refused. When ISIS had a major victory parade down a major highway after taking control of Mosul. USA Navy pilots were prohibited from attacking that convoy. ISIS were sitting ducks. Time after time ISIS has been protected rather than attacked. U.S. army in Mosul left open a sector so that ISIS-fighters could escape. In Raqqa, USA paid for the truck convoys which escorted out ISIS-fighers. I believe that ISIS has been reintegrated into the US-backed rebels in Syria. Russia in Syria has forced USA to reduce ISIS in Syria. ISIS was created to create hatred all over the world. The war on terror was kind of fading. They needed a new ruthlessness. That’s why they started the staged beheading videos. Now it’s looking like Iran will be the new boogeyman. They’re gonna attack Iran in Syria and Hezbollah in Lebanon.



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