Politicians in Sweden welcomes Swedish returning people who has been fighting with ISIS in Syria with the full benefit of Sweden’s welfare system.

Anna Sjöstrand is a politician from the city of Lund. when the topic of what to do with returning Swedish youth that has been fighting with ISIS in Syria her response was:

– When this topic became actual I  thought ‘oh my god, how are we going to handle this? But after a while I realized that we must handle this in the same way. This is worries like any other worries’.

Regarding the critique of her suggestions she says:

– If the returning persons has done their penalties they should get help as any other person.They might be critique to this suggestion but I have a hard time to think like those critiques.


The City of Lund said that after an examination of the needs of the returning person, then the city could help that person with apartment, job or welfare money. Christoffer Carlsson who is Sweden’s in charge for the project of handling returning Swedish  IS-warriors thinks that Anna Sjöstrands idea is a good one. He says:

– This is an economical, social and material question. They need to be integrated on the job market. They might need somewhere to live. When they leave a group like that they need something new. 



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