Juli 2017

The article below  was posted on Facebook and is said to be written by a whistle blower from the Swedish social security sector. In the article one can read about the extreme generosity from  the Swedish welfare system to the migrants in Sweden. The swedes themselves though are most of the time refused to get any welfare money.


A family came to our municipality in December 2016 after they had received residence permit. They came from Somalia. Mother, father och five teenage kids. The municipality gave the family an apartment, the rent is 1 100 dollars. The woman is 66 years old, her husband is 56 years old. They’ve got five kids. The youngest kid is 13 years old. Did the Swedish Migration Board think that the women got her first kid at the age of 53 and then a kid every year after that? There is one year between the kids. Or could it be that the kids doesn’t belong to the adults? The women now receives 1000 dollars in welfare money every month. She will also get bostadstillägg (bostadstilägg = extra welfare money for your housing) after six months in Sweden even though she hasn’t worked at all in Sweden, neither has payed any taxes. A swede that has worked his whole life in an low income job will become a senior citizen with a very low pension.


The 56 year old man studies to learn Swedish. Soon he will also get something called establishment funds (money for a migrant to become “established” in Sweden) and he already gets welfare money every month (about 1 000 dollars). He can also get all possible kinds of welfare money in forms of additions and housing additions. How big is the chance that this man will make any contribution to Sweden? Zero I would say. He will live on welfare money in nine more years and then he will get äldreförsörjningsstöd (äldreförsörjningsstöd is welfare for senior citizens with a low income). Will their kids make any contribution to Sweden? Maybe, maybe not. But to come to Sweden as a teenager och to learn the language and get educated is very difficult. The sum om money that this family needs every month is about 7 000 dollars. That sum can vary due to how many visits they done at the dentist and how much medicine they need. (the medicine and dentist visits are of course paid with taxpayers money).



Both of these adults will now get dentist care for the sum of 4 000 dollars. One of the adults has so much caries that all the tooth in one of her jaws has to be replaced. The taxpayer will of course pay for the couples dentist care. The husband in the family also needs glasses which will cost 300 dollars. And he got that sum approved from the social security without a doubt. I personally don’t dislike this family but what I consider about our Swedish politicians and the what they’re doing with our welfare system is another issue.


Our Minister of Employment Ylva Johansson says that she believes that these migrants will get a job in about two years. Minister Annika Strandhäll happily announce that “Sweden is now ten millions citizens” and she means that the welfare system is now safe. The idiocy of our politicians is incredible. This madness has been around for about 30 years och it’s accelerating. I wonder when the system will collapse. The migrants in Sweden is now more important then the Swedes themselves.


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