Swedish politicians in the city of Malmö has bought apartments for the cost of about 9 million dollars. The apartments will go to refugees. In April this year – 2016 –  the city of Malmö bought every eight apartment in the city. This action drove up the prices of apartments in the city. The apartments they have bought look like this:

a) 45 apartments with 3 rooms. Price each: about 120 000 dollars.

b) Eleven apartments with four rooms. Price each: about 150 000 dollars.

One politician – Ewa Berts – is critical. She says:

– This action is prohibiting young people in Malmö to buy their own apartments since the city of Malmö is buying up every apartment.

The social democrat Petra Bergquist has great plans for the migrants now living in Malmö. She is planning to buy a lot more apartments to the migrants. The politicians in Malmö has asked for 15 million more dollars to buy more apartments for the refugees.


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