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Rauni Kilde was a Finnish physcian who were interested in the paranormal. She died of cancer in 2015. In the lecture below she gets intervied by The Human Project in 2009.

Rauni Kilde:

Diagnostic Statistic Manual of Mental Disorders had – up to 1994 – claimed that contact with the dead was a sign of schizophrenia. Also telepathy was according to DSM a sign of schizophrenia. But they changed that because of the opposition. Now they diagnose religious and spiritual  believes. Crazy. The psychiatric diagnosis is done by voting. Is this a mental disease or is it not? A psychologist who were in a committee told me this. That’s not very scientific.

The ridicule is done on purpose regarding spiritualism. There are organizations, especially the Secret Service, led by U.S. often, that attack specially the academic population. Scientists who dare to come out with a different worldview. Their research-money can be withdrawn because the elite doesn’t want the people to know who they actually are. The elite does not want the people know what they can do. If all the population would concentrate thet we want peace, we want harmony, the world would change. They don’t want that, they want war. That’s how they get the money.

We have Haarp in Alaska. We have Eiscat in Northern Scandinavia which is a large antenna-group It starts in Finnish Lapland, goes on to Kiruna where the headquarters is, goes on to Tromsö and to Svalbard. Its like Haarp. In Norway we also have Globus 2. And the range of globus 2 is up to Rome. This antenna-system can affect your brain. They can change behaviour and they can change weather. In my mind this system caused the tsunami in Thailand. They caused probably in China a huge earthquake where 70 000 people died. How come the earthquake hit the biggest place where China had its weapons. This technology is officially denied They say that you are paranoid who is talking about that. That is official policy, you have to suppress the information, you have to ridicule the people who know too much or you have to kill them. I have friends who have been killed. My parents were killed for revenge for the information I give.

Mass media is owned by the elite. Journalist can not normally write what they want. They are slaves for the corporations. There is no free press, that’s a myth. I tried to get facts into the press but they are not printed. But disinformation is printed. I doesn’t matter that you can show with reports and experience and research show certain things. They are not acceptable because the public is supposed to be suppressed. And that is even done with electromagnetic fields. With certain frequencies they suppress you, your brainwaves goes down. It’s absurd that we are letting people do this to us. And until its known that this done on purpose, it continues until the next generation is total zombies.



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