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August 2020

In august 2020 ‘Plandemic 2- Indoctornation‘ was released. Here we can hear about the CDC that has patent several Coronaviruses and also about vaccinescandal in India which were funded by Bill Gates. 


‘Plandemic 2- Indoctornation‘ is the second documentary in the Plandemicseries by Mikki Willis. The Plandemic series is about Covid-19 and everything that is related to the subject. The establishment did it best to debunk Plandemic 1 and it got censored on the most mainstream socialmedia platforms but can be seen on alternative videoplatforms such as Bitchute and Brighteon. Down below are some of the content of the documentary. 


David E. Martin, PHD,  is a National Intelligence analyst and  founder of IQ100 index. Martins has used technology for analyzation about every  company and persons that is involved in biological-and chemical weapons in 169 countries.  They examined patents and found out that one third of the patents in the USA were functional forgeries. This means that they had linguistic differences but actually covered the same subjects.

In 1999 patent on Coronavirus started showing up. In 2003 we had the Corona outbreak in Asia (SARS). In 2003 the CDC patented the SARS-virus. CDC made sure that they controlled the proprietary rights to the disease,  to it’s detection  and all of it’s measurenment of it. Anthony Fauci and CDC, amongst others, were at the hub of this story. From 2003 to 2018 they controlled the cashflow that built the empire around the Coronavirus.

In 2003 CDC filed a patent on the Coronavirus transmitted to humans. Under American law nature is prohibited to be patented. Either SARS was manufactured or it was natural. If it was manufactured it was a violation of American and international laws. If the SARS-virus was natural, filing a patent on it was illegal. Either outcome, both are illegal.

In 2007 CDC filed a petition with the patentoffice to keep their application confidential. They also find patent on the Coronavirus detection, and the kit to measure it. They now had total control regarding the Coronavirus. Everything that is regarded to the Coronavirus must be approved by the CDC. They’ve turned the Coronavirus from a patent to a profit.

cdc_atlanta_covid 19_corona vaccine

CDC has patented everything around the Coronavirus and also made their patents confidential.


Between 2000 to 2017 There were vaccinationsprograms conducted in India by American organizations which in turn were funded by BMGF (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation).  Accordning to Mikki Willis the vaccine organisations sent out wranglers to the poorest villages in India which then persuaded the parents to let their young girls be part of a program. The wranglers described the shots as “well-being shots”, that it was just like vitamins (It was the HPV-vaccine). So they took the girls and some of them didn’t come back and some come back paralyzed (difficult to walk). In one incident 7 girls died.

The Indian government started an investigation on the subject which resulted in that they throw out the American organisations from the country. But now some of these organisations are back in India in order to “help” with Covid-19.  Willis also mentions that the information about the vaccine scandal in India was hard to find, it is like they have sweeped the internet for information regarding this subject.

In Africa BMGF funded a program for oral polio vaccine which also were given to babies. Many kids couldn’t walk after the vaccination.
Willis says that the good thing about the African community is that it is very outspoken regarding vaccine. they’re been there, they’ve seen it, they protest and they’re warning each other like crazy becuase they understand that they have been used through generations as test subjects.

Willis says that there is an agenda to curb the population of these third world countries. Its about controlling populations and taking control of their resources which USA has been doing for decades. In the Henry-Kissinger report (NSSM 200) you can see in the text that they literally had an agenda in Africa to decrease the population because of its minerals and resources.

bill gates india vaccine HPV gavi

Bill Gates is coming to town – run for your life.


mikki willis plandemic

Mikki Willis, producer of the Plandemic-series.


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