agenda 21 one bay area
agenda 21 one bay area

January 2020

 In this lecture from 2016 Michael Shaw from the site freedomadvocates reveals information about Agenda 21 and particularly regarding Agenda 21 in The Bay Area in San Francisco.

Shaw says that he is worried about the future of California. He says that there is a quiet local drive for globalization. In 1992 George Bush Sr signed the United Nations Agenda 21 pact in the Earth Summit conference in Rio de Janeiro. After that president Bill Clinton let every federal agency implement Agenda 21. Today Agenda 21 is firmly entrenched in every state government in the union. It’s in every local community.

Shaw says that Agenda 21 is the effort to control how and where people live. They call that Smart Growth. The purpose is to put people in urban centers in stack and pack buildings without automobiles. This happens in Chicago where the slums are being taken down and mid-rise buildings are being constructed without parking lots or garages. In the Bay area  the El Camino Real (600 mile road) is to forbid private cars and only use public transportation. They will build stack and pack buildings along El Camino so that people can ride their bike to work or even walk to work. This is the plan for the entire country. Another word for Agenda 21 is sustainable development. This plan also include mega-regions or mega-cities where all people will congregate.

Agenda 21 is about collectivization of property. It’s goal is to create massive wild lands across the United States where people will not be allowed to enter. Sustainable development is designed to limit a persons movement. This program has reshaped America. Our politicians are driven by the policies of sustainable development. Sustainable development is globalization

About 98 % of the people living in the Bay Area do not know about the One Bay Area plan. But every City Council men and women and every member of the Board of Supervisors in the nine counties of the San Francisco area knows about the plan. There is an organization called ABAG – Association of the Bay Area Governments. We have COG’s – Council of Governments. ABAG is unelected and unaccountable for. ABAG is remaking the San Francisco Bay Area. They’re creating priority development areas which is an urban area with an transit-center (but not with cars). The key element is to get people out of their automobiles. It’s is to get people in stack and pack buildings so that they can be easily monitored and controlled. ABAG is implementing this program. Cogs means that we go from elected officials, City Councils and Board of Supervisors to shift the power to an unelected and unaccountable form of government called COGS. It is the destruction of free enterprise and private property. The goal of One Bay Ares is a rising City State with a U.N. seat in the offing.

California governor Jerry Brown is a huge fan of sustainable development.

All of our newspapers are owned by the same hedge fund in Chicago. They all report the same news and none of them has ever reported about One Bay Area. Nobody knows that Cog’s exist. We’re being duped.



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