October 2017

What Haarp does is by firing this energy like a corkscrew motion. This energy is focused on a smaller and smaller areas. When it hits the ionosphere it became concentrated. When you think about haarp, thins about it as a mechanism on the ground that is designed to interact directly or to plug-in to these magnetic fields.
The big energy is contained in the natural environment . The idea is if we understand about how these mechanism works that we can trigger various effects whereas that builds on the energy that is naturally in place.

When you think about haarp as an opportunity to manipulate the energetic systems within the earth. Has to do with the ionosphere itself. And imagine that this ionosphere is a bubble around the earth. That’s a highly charged area, tremendous amount of energy. Another thing with the haarp-system is the actual heating of the ionosphere. Where its heated what happens is that the ionosphere is lift up and moves out several hundred kilometers.

Now imagine if you’re a satellite drifting through space and there’s no atmosphere and all of a sudden you hit a wall of atmosphere. This creates friction and that friction causes that satellite to burn out and all of a sudden you have a satellite down .Then you turn the haarp instrument off and everything goes back to normal and you have plausible deniability of a satellite going down. Because no one knows that this kind of technology  exists.

When you move that much atmosphere up into space and its about 30 miles in diameter and a couple of hundred miles up.well below that are pressure systems, high pressure, low pressure systems and jet streams. all of which can be altered by the manipulation of the ionosphere and then create downstream weather effects that can not be modelled or predicted.

The magnetic field lines comes from the south pole  stretching around, and then intercepting at the north pole and surrounding the planet. These magnetic field lines are very similar to a bar-magnetic in your science book. The earth is spinning and is creating a dynamo and this magnetic field lines being one of the products of that. In interaction with the solar wind you get things like the magnteosphere but as we look at Haarp, the primarily idea is to affect the ionosphere and these magnetic field-lines. And ideally you would to affect these magnetic field lines in the closest way where they intercept with the planet which is at the poles.

The ionosphere is a highly charged area. It filters out cosmic radiation. Without it would make life impossible on this planet. The Haarp antennas focus radio frequency energy it literally sends up a narrow beam affecting the magnetic field lines. What happens is those magnetic fields act as waveguides so you can pump energy out of Haarp, focus on those magnetic field lines  and then the energy screws itself,  where the energy is now moving from north to south using the magnetic field lines as a waveguide. If you had an intercontinental ballistic missile that is fire from China to the US and it reverses those magnetic field lines with those charged particles, it would create a virtual shield around the planet.

Barium-particles are injected  into the upper atmosphere and lower ionosphere using barium rockets. When you inject radio-frequency energy it’s air glow. When you get this sort up light-up effect. So you can actually see this corkscrew motion around those magnetic field lines.

There are a number of scientists that are concerned about Haarp and what it can do to the planet. Not only mind control but weather changes, possible earth changes, earthquakes.

Bernard Eastlund;

”Applications discussed in the patent included destroying missiles, communication-control and disruption, modifying weather, and to lift a portion of the atmosphere further up into space where it would be able to deflect missiles.

Brooks Agnew

”In 1983 I did radio tomography with 30 watts. Looking for oil in the ground. Haarp uses a billion watts. What we used to do is to beam radio waves into the ground. Each layer on earth has its own frequency. And the earth would vibrate. We would get a sound back and we could identify what material there was in the ground. We accomplished this with just 30 watts. If you do this with a billion watts the vibrations are so violent underground that it can even cause an earthquake”.

Haarp is playing with the energy system of earth.

Jeane Manning

”Haarp-papers say that they intend to lift up part of the ionosphere which creates a hole in the ionosphere. And they say that the hole heals quickly. What happens if you create enough holes and it can’t take care of them fast enough?”

”The electro-jet is a jet high above us. And a paper that I read recently adds to the indication that they intend to cause the electro-jet to dip down closer to the earth. So it can be tapped for a huge electrical power generating station. Which is insanity because they don’t know what they are dealing with. They’re dealing with the planets electrical system”.

We are surrounded and bombarded with millions of Megawatts of natural energy. Because the sun blows a solar wind which crashes towards the earth. Since the earth is a giant magnet the magnetic field (magnetosphere) protects us. Haarps original patents were designed to distort or alter the magnetosphere.

Dr. Patrick Flanagan:

”Signals in the same frequency can affect human mood. The human brain operates under a low-frequency. Haarp is capable of generating the same frequencies as the brain. These kind of signals can control the human brain. And if you can control these frequencies you can control all kinds of emotions. You can generate happiness, sadness, any mood you want. (ELF = extreme low-frequency). I’m an expert on my field because I have studied it for 40 years. Haarp scares me because I know what it can do. It can control the human mind”.

Another theory has surfaced about Haarp. The intense energy being beamed into the sky is heating up the atmosphere, causing weather changes.

Haarp is being used for weather modification. The military’s own records proves it; they have admitted it in their own documents and yet they still deny it to the public.

Dr. Brooks Agnew has researched ELF ave technology for 30 years. He is convinced that Haaps effect on the ionosphere does alter the weather.

”Haarp couldn’t affect the jet stream directly but indirectly it could. Because of you push the ionosphere out into space, then the stratosphere under the ionosphere has to move to fill in that gap. When it moves it could pull the jet stream with it and changing the way water moves around the planet”.

Haarp in one of several ELF-waves transmittors located all over the globe. Working in tandem, these transmitters could potentially alter the weather anywhere in the world. Changing the jet streams course entirely. Triggering massive rainstorms or droughts. Even hurricanes steering would be possible by heating up the atmosphere and building up high pressure domes that could deflect or change the course of hurricanes.

The US government is firm in its position that haarp is just an atmospheric research facility. But is it more than coincidence that since going online some experts have reported strange weather anomalies including massive floods, hurricanes and earthquakes. There are no conclusive proof that any of the Haarps facilities are being used as weather weapons. but they do have the ability to manipulate the ionosphere and that brings us to something else.

In december 2001 scientists at Nasas Research center in Palo Alto California make a discovery. In studying in more than 100 hundred earthquakes with magnitude of 5.0 or greater. They find that almost all of them are preceded by electrical disturbances in the ionosphere.


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