October 2017

Nick Begich:

What HAARP does is by firing this energy like a corkscrew motion. This energy is focused on a smaller and smaller areas. When it hits the ionosphere it became concentrated. When you think about HAARP, think about it as a mechanism on the ground that is designed to interact directly or to plug-in to these magnetic fields. 

Video above: Nick Begich.

Think about HAARP as an opportunity to manipulate the energetic systems within the earth. It has to do with the ionosphere itself. The ionosphere is a bubble around the earth. That’s a highly charged area, tremendous amount of energy. Another thing with the HAARP-system is the actual heating of the ionosphere. What happens is that the ionosphere is lift up and moves out several hundred kilometers.

Now imagine if a satellite drifting through space and there’s no atmosphere and all of a sudden you hit a wall of atmosphere. This creates friction and that friction causes that satellite to burn out and all of a sudden you have a satellite down. Then you turn the HAARP instruments off and everything goes back to normal and you have plausible deniability of a satellite going down.

You move that much atmosphere up into space which is  about 30 miles in diameter and a couple of hundred miles up. Below that are pressure systems, high pressure, low pressure systems and jet streams, all of which can be altered by the manipulation of the ionosphere and then create downstream weather effects that can not be modeled or predicted.

The magnetic field lines comes from the south pole  stretching around, and then intercepting at the north pole and surrounding the planet. These magnetic field lines are very similar to a bar-magnetic in your science book. The earth is spinning and is creating a dynamo effect and this magnetic field lines being one of the products of that. In interaction with the solar wind you get things like the magnetosphere but as we look at HAARP, the primarily idea is to affect the ionosphere and these magnetic field-lines. And ideally you would to affect these magnetic field lines in the closest way where they intercept with the planet which is at the poles.

The ionosphere is a highly charged area. It filters out cosmic radiation. Without it would make life impossible on this planet. The HAARP antennas focus radio frequency energy, it literally sends up a narrow beam affecting the magnetic field lines. What happens is that those magnetic fields act as wave guides so you can pump energy out of HAARP. Where the energy is now moving from north to south using the magnetic field lines as a wave guide. If you had an intercontinental ballistic missile that is fire from China to the US and it reverses those magnetic field lines with those charged particles, it would create a virtual shield around the planet.

Barium-particles (chemtrails) are injected  into the upper atmosphere and lower ionosphere using barium rockets. When you inject radio-frequency energy it’s air glow.  So you can actually see this corkscrew motion around those magnetic field lines.


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By Michael Kleiman, US Air Force –, Public Domain,

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