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The 10th of october in 1990 the 15-year old Nayirah Al Sabab held a testimony at the Congressional Human Rights Cacus about the Iraqi soldiers abuses in Kuwait. You can see her speech in the video below.



Republican John Porter:

Our final witness is also using an assumed named and again we ask our friends in the media to respect the need for her to protect her family. And we finally call on Nayirah to testify.


Mr Chairman and members of the committee. My name is Nayirah and I just came out of Kuwait. My mother and I were in Kuwait on August second for peaceful summer holiday. My older sister had a baby on July twenty-ninth. And we wanted to spend some time in Kuwait with her. I only pray that none of my tenth-grade classmates had a summer vacation like i did. I may wished sometimes that I could be an adult; that I could grow up quickly. What I saw happen to the children of Kuwait and to my country has changed my life forever. It has changed the life of all Kuwaitis, young and old. We are children no more. My sister with my five day old nephew traveled across the desert to safety. There is no milk available for the baby in Kuwait. They barely escaped when their car was stuck in the desert sand and help came from Saudi Arabia. I stayed behind and wanted to do something for my country.

The second week after the invasion I volunteered at the Al Adan hospital with 12 other women. Who wanted to help as well. I was the youngest volunteer. Other women were from twenty to thirty years old. While I was there I saw the Iraqi soldiers coming to the hospital with guns. They took the baby out of the incubators and left the children to die on the cold floor. It was horrifying. I could not help but think of my nephew who, if born premature, might have died that day as well.After I left the hospital some of my friends and I distributed flyers condemning the Iraqi invasion. Until we were warned we might be killed if the Iraqis saw us.The Iraqis have destroyed everything in Kuwait. They stripped the supermarkets of food and pharmacies of medicine, the factories medical supplies. They ransacked their houses and tortured neighbors and friends. I seldom talked to a friend of mine after his torture and release by the Iraqis. He’s twenty-two but he looked as though he could’ve been an old man. The Iraqis put his head into a swimming pool until he almost drowned. They pulled out his fingernails and implanted electroshock’s to sensitive private parts of his body. He was lucky to survive.

If an Iraqi solder is found dead in a neighborhood, they burned to the ground all the houses in the general vicinity. And would not lead firefighters come until only the ash and rubble was left. The Iraqis were making fun of President Bush and verbally and physically abusing my family and me on our way out of Kuwait. We only did so because life in Kuwait became unbearable. They have forced us to hide in order to destroy everything identifying our country and our government. I want to emphasize that Kuwait is our mother and our father. We repeated this on the roofs of our houses in Kuwait until the Iraqis began shooting at us. I am glad I am fifteen-old enough to remember Kuwait before Saddam Hussein destroyed it and young enough to rebuild it. Thank you.

John Porter:

We have had scores of hearings about human rights abuses throughout the world. We have never heard in all this time a record of inhumanity and brutality and sadism as the once that the witnesses have given us today.I don’t know how the people of the civilized countries of this world can fail to do everything within their power to remove this person from the flat face of our earth. And the witnesses by providing to us eyewitness accounts and reports detailing the conduct of the Iraqi soldiers under the command of Saddam Hussein have done a great service to their country and to all countries of the world. Who must join together and take whatever action necessary to free the people of Kuwait from this aggression and mentality.


The testimony was spread in the main stream media and the Americans were shocked. After that testimony George Bush Sr. got the Americans on his side on starting a war on Iraq. USA and England started the war on Iraq – with support from NATO – and when the war was over about 150 000 Iraqis had been killed. After the war the U.S. and the United Nations put up sanctions on Iraq which killed about one million kids and elderly in Iraq.

The only problem with Nayirah Al Sabab’s testimony was that it was false. The whole testimony was a lie in order to get the american public’s support for a war on Iraq. It was find out later on that Nayirah Al Sabab actually was/is the daughter of the Kuwaitis ambassador in USA. See the video below.





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