October 2017

Documentary on Natos false flag attacks in Sweden in the 1980’s.

The following movie clips are from the German documentary ‘Fraud: Reagan’s Method’. (“Operation Täuschung-The Method Reagan”). The documentary is about how Reagan and the United States wanted to sabotage the relationship between Sweden and Russia and destroy Olof Palme’s quest for disarmament and peace talks. But in the early 1980s, the Swedish people did not fear Soviet as much that was needed.


1981, a Russian submarine get stuck  in the Swedish archipelago. The documentary tells people involved in the investigation about the submarine that it seemed as if the submarine crew wanted to get caught. The captain had driven up on ground, still driving the engine so that the submarine really got stuck. 
The submarine incident became a world news. And after this incident many submarines and its periscopes in Swedish waters were observed
for a few years to come. The Swedish navy releases bombs but without results.
Olof Palme worked at that time with disarmament and peace talks. He had a good relationship with the Soviet Union. But after submarines regularly appeared in the Swedish archipelago, the relationship with the Soviet deteriorated.

The documentary reveals that it was not the Russians who were hunting in the Swedish archipelago – besides U-boat  137 – there were countries from NATO that were here. The United States and England wanted to swing Swedish opinion against  Russia by performing false flag attacks. They succeeded. Before the submarine incidents, only 13 % of Swedes thought Russia was a threat to Sweden. After the submarine incidents, this figure had risen to 87 %. The reason for the United States and England’s false flag attacks was that they wanted Sweden as a base in Scandinavia the coming war against Soviet.

It was found that admirals from the Swedish navy were understood in NATO’s plans. High Swedish soldiers were trying to destroy evidence of their involvement in submarine affair. Sweden and NATO have had a collaboration since the 1960’s. Several of the Swedish elites worked with the United States and strongly disapproved of Palme and his Social Democrats. The CIA had spied on Palme for a long time. 

Palme was strongly disapproved of Reagan and his team. Palme was supposed to go on peace talks to Russia when he was murdered. 


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