April 2017

Saber Strike is an annual military exercise by United States Army Europe and NATO. The exercises is carried out in the Baltic states in june. NATO is expanding its territory and they are now literally standing at the borders of Russia. This is a break in the agreement that Russia has with the alliance.


Video below: USA and NATO bombing Bagdad. We know now that the intelligence in U.S: from CIA  was false. Colin Powell lied in the United Nations. USA simply wanted to get the oil and to create a base in the middle east. NATO did help USA to bomb Iraq.

Video below: a young Afghanistan girl has had her leg and arm blown away by U.S. bombs. USA started the war against Afghanistan because George Bush considered that Afghanistan had attacked USA.

 Video below: NATO is bombing in Libya. Ghadaffi wanted to create an African oil-currency instead of the American dollar. This was something Washington couldn’t stand.



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