September 2019

In 2019 NATO had its 70th anniversary. The video below, from the Italian Pandora TV, shows what NATO has  “accomplished” under its existence.

Video above from Italian Pandora TV shows what NATO has done under its existence.


In 1945 Pentagon calculated that 200 nuclear bombs would be enough to destroy the Soviet Union. When Soviet in 1949 got possession of the atomic bomb, USA created NATO. In 1955 the Warsaw Pact was formed. Between 1945 to 1991 USA and USSR stored in their nuclear arsenals and in seven other countries a power equivalent to more than 1 million Hiroshima bombs.


The Cold War ended with the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact and the Soviet Union in 1991. USA used this opportunity to launch the first conflict of the post-cold war period (Iraq). Several NATO-Countries were involved in this war and simultaneously NATO extended eastwards towards Russia. The first step was the demolition of the socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. US and NATO initiated this by supporting secessionist schools and catalyzing Yugoslavia’s internal conflicts. In February 1994 NATO warplanes shut down certain Bosnia planes over Bosnia. This was the first act of war since the foundation of this alliance.

NATO-countries included in the attack on Yugoslavia were Great Britain, Germany, Italy and France. The attack was called ‘Allied Force Operation’ and began on March 24 1999. For 78 days 1.100 warplanes taking off principally from Italian bases, carried out 38 000 raids, dropping 23, 000 bombs and missiles. The bombing dismantled structures and infrastructure of Serbia, causing thousands of civilian victims. Chemical sites were bombed causing long-term damage to health and environment.  Simultaneously a NATO summit was held in Washington in April 1999. They decided that NATO.s member countries could carry out crisis retaliation operations not provided for by U.N. article 5 outside the Alliance territory.

Video above: NATO bombing civilians in Belgrade 1999. 



In 1999 NATO started to expand east. In 1999 incorporated Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary. In 2004 Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Czechoslovakia joined NATO. In 2009 Albania and Croatia joined NATO. In 2017 Montenegro joined. Macedonia is next. Tree other countries: Bosnia Herzegovina, Georgia and Ukraine are candidates to become NATO-members.


USA attacked and invaded Afghanistan in 2001. The official reason was to hunt down Osama Bin Laden who they blamed to be the commander of the terrorist attack of 9/11. The official version of the 9/11 attack does not stand up to technical scientific investigations. In reality the USA invaded Afghanistan, a strategically important area concerning Russia and China. In 2003 NATO took over command of the Security Force in Afghanistan. Then it was Iraq. The USA presented “proof” to the United Nations Security Council that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction which later revealed being fake. The war against Iraq began in March 2003 with air bombing. NATO used all possible means from phosphorous bombs to torturing detainees. 

nato_värdlandsavtalet_host nation support_sverige_sweden_war_riksdagen


Libya has the larges oil reserves in Africa and huge reserves of natural gas and a precious fossil water reserve. E-mails between Hillary Clinton and Sarkozy revealed the immediate purpose of the war: to prevent Qadhafi from creating an African (petro)currency as an alternative to the dollar.  The whole operation was directed by the United States by US Africa Command (AFRICOM) and then by NATO under US command. On March 19, 2011, the air and naval bombing of Libya began. In 7 months NATO air forces carried out 30 000 missions, using over 4o ooo bombs and missiles. Italy participated in this war with its bases and military forces. This way the state of Libya was demolished.


Libya was the most successful country in Africa, then they got a visit from NATO. Maybe the US didn’t like Gadaffi’s idea of a seperate petrocurrency.


us nuclear bombs germany_belgium, holland, italy, ,

Watch out – NATO is coming to town.


After Libya USA and NATO focused on Syria. In Syria NATO used Islamic groups coming from Afghanistan, Bosnia, Chechnya, Libya and other countries. In May 2013 ISIS received funding from the allies of the USA, following a plan coordinated by the CIA while the USA and their allies pretended to fight ISIS. ISIS continued to gain ground which was exactly what US wanted as the demolition of Syria was their primary objective. The 2015 Russian military intervention in Syria reversed the course of the conflict, a conflict which already had caused over 250 000 deaths. The Russian aviation destroyed ISIS strongholds.


The US/NATO operation in Ukraine began in 1991. CIA trained neo-Nazi groups for years. These Nazis went in to action in Maiden in 2014. Armed groups attacked government buildings. Snipers shot at demonstrators and police during a demonstration. The purpose was to isolate Russia. Crimea decided to enter the Russian Federation with a referendum. NATO and EU accused Russia o having illegally incorporated Crimea and submitted Russia to sanctions. NATO quadrupled the number of its double capacity fighter bombers, conventional and nuclear bombers, deployed in the Baltic Region and increased the number of warships in the Baltic Sea, in the Black Sea and in the Mediterranean. 


US armed forces possessed rent in Italy. More than 2300 buildings with a total area of 2 million square meters occupying about 50 sites. The network of military bases in Italy is under the orders of the United States European Command (EUCOM). Under the command of a general who is also the Supreme Allied Commander in Europe.  The most important NATO-bases in Italy are the following: the  Aviano Base shelters US fighter planes; Aeroporto di Ghedi shelters Italian fighters under US command. They are ready to attack with B61 nuclear bombs. The base Caserma Americana Ederle shelters US 173rd Airborne Brigade whose forces are sent to Afghanistan, Iraq, Ukraine and other Eastern European countries.   Camp Darby Base is the largest US arsenal outside of the United States which supplies the US and Allied ground-and air forces in Europe, Middle East and Africa. According to investigations Camp Darby was part of NATOs Gladio network. The base Allied Joint Force Command in Naples commands the US naval forces in Europe and Africa. In Lago Pavia there is the NATO Strategic Direction South Harbor which carries out  activities in the Middle East and Africa. At Aeroporto Sigonella on Sicily there is a larger US/NATO base in the Mediterranean used for military operations, most of them are secret. Aeroporto Sigonella has one of four global stations of newest satellite systems which connects all US military forces. In Sardinia are the largest firing ranges for the training of Italian NATO military forces.

Ferdinando Imposimato:

“Under the investigation I carried out on the massacres that were committed in Italy. That includes and starts with the massacre in Piazza Fontana in Milan in 1969. Many investigators has been murdered. The explosives of the massacres came from NATO military bases. 

nato bases italy

Some of the NATO military bases in Italy.


US stores B61 nuclear bombs in five NATO-countries: Italy, Germany, Belgium, Holland and Turkey. The B61 will be replaced by new US nuclear bombs B61-12 as from 2020. The B61-12 is directed at its target and then explodes underground in order to destroy the central command bunkers in a nuclear first strike. USA are preparing to deploy ground-based medium-range nuclear missiles in Europe. Washington now demands countries hosting US forces to fully cover their cost and pay an additional 50 % in exchange for provided protection. 

USA_nato_nuclear bombs_italy_holland_germany_belgium_turkey

Picture above: nuclear bomb B61. 5 NATO-countries have US nuclear bombs on their territory: Germany, Italy, Belgium, Turkey and Holland.

A vast increasing tension now extends from Eastern Asia to Central Asia, from the Middle East to Europe, from Africa to Latin America. The hotspots are the Korean Peninsula, the South china sea, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Ukraine, Venezuela and others. In this areas USA attempt to maintain their position as dominant superpower.


Italy’s exit from NATO have many obstacles that stand in the way of an exit. The dominant power bases its strength not only on political, economical and military instruments but also on mind control made possible bu a mainstream media apparatus. The media continually shows images of dangerous enemies in order to justify any policy of  rearmament military operations and more. This way the military expenses is about 70 millions euros a day in Italy according no NATO Italy have to rise to 100 million euros a day.

Is NATO organized crime? Photo from a anti-NATO demonstration in Stockholm, Sweden.




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Photo: Adam Jones from Kelowna, BC, Canada [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons 2.0

U.S. Department of State from United States [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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