July 2020

Max Igan speaks on the Open Mind Conference in Denmark 2017. The title of the lecture is The Rise of Technocracy.

Max Igan: 

The money system is a debt based system.  The money system is designed to create scarcity. The debt can never be repaid, the interest can never be repaid and so puts everybody in scarcity.

We have a criminal class that is ruling the world. People call it the oligarchy i call it Kakistocracy – governance by the worst element of society who govern exclusively on their own interests and to the permanent detriment of all other classes. They rule by Hegelian Dialectic. If they have a problem with a politician which try to prosecute them they get compromised in brownstone situations. they trap them with sexuality. they get them drunk with a young prostitute who’s underage, film them and that’s it, you got them and they do everything you want.

Human harvesting. Human harvest is coming out of these wars. In Syria 15 000 children have had their organs harvested in six years. You can sell a kidney for $260 k, $200 k for lungs, $157 k for your liver, $119 k for your heart. People in the middle east has healthy organs, they don’t drink alcohol. Much of the bone marrow come from war zones.

 They’re starting to control the entire electrical grid, the internet. They bring the Smart Grid online under the guise of convenience. Government is not your friend. The 5g grid is the endgame. What is the smart grid all about? Every gadget is being linked together. Your computer is talking to you know. We’we got cortana in Windows and we got Siri on the Ipad and Iphones. A person bought an Iphone and switched off Siri. They didnt like the idea of being listened to all the time. This couple had a conversation about having a trip so south America . While they were talking about the plans a little text is coming up on the computer screen stating “i can help you with that if you activate me”. A couple of girls in L.A.  were talking about massage oil. When she got home to her laptop and went out on Facebook there was all these ad’s on massage oil. 

They can listen to you through your fridge. In Australia a law was passed giving the police the ability to turn on any smart devices for surveillance if they need to and they got someone by listening through their fridge. Smart fridges got microphones in them.

The Palantir software monitors all communications for the smart grid and is run by Israel. Israel has a backdoor to many software programs. Oliver Stone made a documentary about Edward Snowden.  NSA can turn on your laptop camera, the laptop microphone even if its turned off. Also your television set and your fridge. That is the Palantir software.  Google is manipulated. If you search “Charlestown hoax” you hardly get any result. 

The Internet of Things means everything talking to everything else. This is presented to us as something great. They say you can walk into a store and you don’t need any money. You can just pick up whatever you want from the shelf and walk out, it all gets taken out. This will lead to a point where you’re paying for every single aspect of your life, every single action you perform. You can turn on your tap and watch the credit drop, turn on your toaster and watch your credit drop, turn on your TV and watch your credit drop. Internet of Things is a surveillance grid and control grid. You will only be able to get your cash  digitally so that the government get a tax on everything, in every transaction. And the government is gonna know why you’re doing all this stuff. In this world there will be desirable people  and undesirables people. Transhumanism is sold as enhancement and other beautiful things. They’re now crating artificial sperms and eggs form stem cells. They’re doing it to “help” us. 


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