This is part two of John Coleman’s lecture about the committee of 300


It’s strongest arm is called the Club of Rome. Club of Rome is one of the most insidious organization in existence today. They have done immeasurable harm to America.
The committee of 300 told a man called Aurelio Peccei to form this Club of Rome with the main object of bringing down the industries and the agriculture development of the United States. He immediately wrote a paper where he said: There are too many people on the earth and it’s United States with its agriculture and its industrial development that is responsible for this overpopulation. Aurelia picked up the book from Bertrand Russell from committee of 300 “The impact of Science on society”.

In the book Bertrand Russell says: the earth is greatly overpopulated and we have to get rid of at least half of the world’s population. And it doesn’t’ matter how we do it”.
Club of Rome was started to form an attack on the world’s population. The Club of Rome came out with a paper called “The zero-growth post-industrial plan for industry and agriculture for the United States of America”. That plan was officially accepted as United States policy by Jimmy Carter. I got a copy of this insidious document. Basically what this document says is that the middle class in USA has to be destroyed. Because in the coming push to a world order the middle class could be a stumbling block. The middle class has long-term employment, they have job security, they are well paid and can afford to buy the products made by the United States. Club of Rome said: this has got to stop. We have to bring down the middle class of the United States. And the way that we will do this is by crushing their industries.

In 1970 U.S: had 5 000 ships built by the USA. Last year USA had 270 ships and 50 000 steelworkers unemployed. Jobs that will never come back. The Club of Rome had sent their emissaries to deliberately destroy our steel plants. And they did it by opening the door by so-called “free trade”. Everybody who signs the NAFTA-treaty or GATT-treaty is a traitor. Our shipyards are silent, our industry is destroyed, our workers is out of job. The Club of Rome had an anniversary celebration and Alexander King, its chairman, stated that:” the American people henceforth must get used to the idea that they will never ever again in their lifetime have full employment.

Our government is fully cooperating with this organization built up to destroy the middle class of the United States.

United States accepted Global 2000 as its official policy. The Global 2000 was a blueprint for mass genocide produced by the Club of Rome. Basically what the Global 2000 calls for is the destruction on half of the world’s population by the year of 2050. They built a case based on Bertrand Russell and HG Wells findings that the world was gonna be overpopulated and a terrible place to live in. That was picked up by Robert strange McNamara. McNamara had a conference with all the leading bankers 12 years ago. McNamara said that the biggest menace facing the world today is the American middle class and the overpopulation. He linked these two together. He said that by the year 2050, this is the state of the world. Do we want to live in a world like that? So the Global 2000 was a genocidal plan to take care of the people of the United States that doesn’t have any jobs. And also the masses of people in other nations.

AIDS is a chemical and biological warfare experiment that was going on in Sierra Leone, Africa. I was working on a small mission station in Sierra Leone. And what I discovered was that the black people were coming in from the bush to this missions with broken arms and so on. They were treated there but they were dead by the evening. A laboratory had been set up, using Lassa fever virus. They were trying to create a virus that could be mass-produced and that could be sent out by the World Health Organization to get rid of millions of people in the world. They took the virus to the Centers of Disease Control in Atlanta. The same experiment is now going on in Harvard University. But they are using another virus.

The United States government gave millions of dollars to military chemical-and biological warfare establishment at Fort Detrick. They began experimenting with the AIDS virus. Shortly after the experiments on Fort Detrick the World Health Organization (WHO) started a massive vaccination campaign. They said: “for once and for all we are going to wipe out smallpox”. They chose Africa and Brazil. immediately AIDS began to appear. Thousands of people began dying of a strange new virus. The WHO then said that the virus came from a bite from a green monkey. They forget to tell you that the green monkey has been there for centuries and has been biting people for centuries but no disease of that nature have ever occurred. WHO deliberately took this virus that was crafted from a series of animal viruses. And they began vaccinating people on a massive scale and the people began dying like flies. Why Africa and Brazil? Because these two countries had the biggest black population in the world. I would like to tell the black people of the United States: do not trust the Democratic party. Do not trust government. Do not believe that government is your friend. To them you are dispensable. The same way as we are.

Millions of people die. I went to Uganda on an inspection tour and I saw whole areas decimated. We were told that AIDS was a disease that was passed by homosexuals , true enough, but that is not the primary cause of it. This is a crafted virus that was spread through the world to decimate the population. Experiment of the black plague has been in this area and in California distributing the plague virus to different areas. Some of the Indian reserves was targeted and suddenly they died of the black plague.
What happened immediately after the so-called “population control meeting” in Cairo. There was a sudden and violent outbreak of black plague in India. And it is still going on and it is not under control. This is all part of the global 2000 mass genocide plan. There is a technique that can kill cancer cells but the medical profession run by the Rockefeller family and all the pharmaceutical companies do not want you to know this.

Every time there is a financial crisis it follows a meeting upon the Royal Britannia yacht of the Queen of England which anchor of the coast of Venice. And all the world bankers meet over there and say:this is what we gonna do to country x. This is how we gonna control this worldwide situation. In 1898 the Fabian Society sent prime minister Ramsey MacDonald to spy on USA. He came back and he said: there are two things in the way. You have very strong middle class and you have the constitution of the Untied States. Both of which has got to be destroyed before we can socialize America. The first step they took was setting a socialist president in the form of Woodrow Wilson. John F Kennedy was assassinated by MI6 under control by sir William Stephenson and Louis Bloomfield.

The committee of 300 is trying to get control on all the resources of the world. Clinton has been given a job to do. And that is to pass certain far-reaching socialist measures. And he’s been very successful in doing that with the help of so-called republicans. Clinton has been instructed to socialize America. The enemy in Washington is more to be feared that the enemy in Moscow. We have had several presidents following a socialist agenda.

We have creeping socialism in this country today. Which has no way to go but to communism. In the new world order and one world government. That is the direction that Bill Clinton is pushing this country as hard as he can go. And the GATT-treaty is a part of that.

What is the future of United States. We have been forced into a one world government, a new world order. By the use of the word “democracy”. And by the use of the word “global trade” and “free trade”. United States made itself great by its own manufacturing abilities. We had our people fully employed, we had our people who could buy all the products that we made. We did not need global trade. If people wanted the privilege to selling on our markets, they had to pay customs tariffs. And did you know that up to 1913 all the money they took to run the United states came from custom tariffs. We had no income tax. And in 1913 we had a surplus of 5 billions dollars after all our bills been paid. Then comes president Wilson and says to the congress: we have to stop this isolationism.

We do not need global trade, we need full employment. We need our industries. We have 25 millions underemployed. We have had the middle class totally destroyed by the Clinton administration. We have become the dumping ground of the worlds products and that has put our people out of jobs. One day we should be no better than a third world country. In 1950, only four percent of the shoes sold in America was imported shoes. Every president that came along knocked down the tariffs against shoes. Today you have China, Taiwan, Malaysia. 84 percent of shoes sold in America come from those countries. Which means a total unemployment in the shoe industry in this country. Isn’t that a disgrace that we opened up the doors and allowed this people who we give foreign aid to came back and dump their products and put our people out of work. This is a war to the death for the USA. We are being insidiously destroyed in a trade war. And the GATT-treaty is a tool to kill off the American middle class.

One of the provisions of the WTO is that they will be able to go in and will be able to demand of individual states that they change their laws. And take us to the court if we don’t do it. This GATT-treaty is one of the most insidious attacks on the USA that I ever have come across. The GATT-treaty will be allowed to be debated for two days. 26 000 documents. And some of the most insidious things you ever seen on a document. And every document in GATT says: GATT shall override every law in the USA .

In 1964 we had another calamity. The democratic party reformed our immigration policy without a national debate, without asking the people of this country , the democrats in 1965 forced through Immigration Reform Act that totally changed the face of the USA. In 1984 the traditional Americans were 74 percent of the population. In 100 years we will be 39 percent of the population. The traditional American will be in a distinct minority. And this is thanks to the Democratic party. Once a nation is destabilized, it is very easy to deal with it and push it to a socialist new world order.


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