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February 2020

Mike Adams and Alex Jones on the vaccine truth censorship and  on the Corona virus. Is the Corona virus biological warfare?

Video above: Mike Adams on H.R. Report on the Corona Virus and the take down of his page Natural News. 

Mike Adams homepage Natural News was shut down recently by an order from a secret court in California. When this video was done (23 January) Adams had only partial access to his website.

Mike Adams means that the Corona virus is probably a biological weapon  system being released on humanity. This is the scenario he has been warning for for many years and that is probably the reason why Natural News was taken down.  They’re trying to silence the voices that exposes this weapon system. 

Alex Jones from InfoWars has reported that there was a vaccine approval issued recently for this specific vaccine string. There has also been approval for Ebola-vaccine.  Many of these strains are patented by the CDC. The situation is right for a pandemic.  

mike adams_natural news_corona virus
Mike Adams runs the video platform Brighteon.


Video above: Alex Jones and Mike Adams talks about the internet censorship and on the possibility for the Corona virus to be a bio weapon and that the authorities will demand mandatory vaccination. A typical problem – reaction – solution. 


Adams says that the clamp down  on the free speech and the release of the Corona virus have everything in common. This was all one big plan. The Corona virus is a bio weapon and you’re not allowed to talk about it.   They want to cause devastation, cause decease.  Isn’t it amazing that they have the vaccine ready at the same time the outbreak happened.

They’re going to roll out mandatory vaccines. Mainstream media is going to cause this to be a massive panic  and they’re gonna push people to mandatory vaccination. They’re gonna put out emergency orders and the vaccines are going to be the second half of the bio warfare weapon. This is what its all about. 


Alex Jones talks about the next level of censorship. The next level of censorship is not only de-platforming, it’s getting a judge to order the take down of vaccine truth sites which has happened to many sites. The globalist’s are going into overdrive. The orders are called TRO – Temporary Restriction Orders.  The Internet kill switch has been activated. Alex Jones has gotten hundreds of calls from sites that are pro-Trump and vaccine truths that are having their servers wiped.  

alex jones_mike adams_corona virus
Alex Jones from InfoWars talks about the next level of internet censorship and on the Corona virus.



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