Infowars is under heavy attack.

Alex Jones:

Two weeks ago the European Union came out and gave Twitter, Google, Facebook and many other platforms 24 hours to announce their plan to censor sites as alt-right, InfoWars, Drudge report and Breitbart to mention a few. These sites are called the “chiefs of fake news”.

The term “fake news” started in 1996 in China to start censorship. They now introduce an Internet-ID that will also be here in the US as well. It’s a global system where you get voted up or down by corporations, governments, ant other “stakeholders”. If they don’t like you, you will have a negative rating  and you will be seen as a bad person. Like the yellow star in Nazi Germany.



Overseas it will be Snopes which is leftists run by George Soros. Facebook on behalf of EU has begun blocking our links, also on Reddit. Now we are being put in this major databases to be blocked. Because we are the people’s voice. We had 85 million viewers on peak times like the US-election. On average we have 40 million viewers. An attack on InfoWars is an attack on you.

Here’s an article from Pcworld. China, who  is running the model  to censor the Internet, has met with Mark Zuckerberg 14 times. Pcworld thinks this is a good idea. China was also on Wall Street Journal recently where they told US to shut down their “fake news” or otherwise China would pull their three trillions in US bonds, US treasuries.

InfoWars normally get attacked about three times a month by DDOS attacks. But our IT-security companies that InfoWars uses says they have never seen so much attacks as now against InfoWars. The attacks are state-sponsored and our tech people believe that the attacks are Chinese. They try to shut down InfoWars or slow down InfoWars. Our store has been about 90 % shut down for 48 hours.  We are being hit because the globalists we  are the tip of the spear. the first amendment is now publicly under attack. When we reported about EU people didn’t believe us.


This is your operation that is under attack. Don’t take the articles, videos from us for granted. Because we are being shut down and censored more and more. They are testing their system now. Facebook announced they put Snopes in charge for what you can see or read on Facebook.  The main stream media says:

“Oh some call this censorship but it’s really only about to make people safe. We learn from the Chinese”.

Main stream media doesn’t say they learn from the communist Chinese, that enslave their own people and are the biggest mass murderers in history. The Chinese are teamed up with the globalists that runs USA.

The tech site tries to de-list us.

We are the one rising the alarm on the internet censorship coming to the United States. Even headlines in Australia has headlines like “US going in to censorship like Chinese model”.

Mass media won’t tell you about it, they will mislead you. I would like everyone to to sign up. If we do get the site shut down, we can get to you via mail. Communist China is lecturing USA to get rid of our free speech. They are trying to block people to get to our store by shutting our servers down. is up and down. They are trying to block your path into the store.

This is an information war. Its your financial support that makes this possible. We need to get the word out that its the communist Chinese that is trying to take over the web. The Chinese has written the blueprint of the censorship and they have met with Mark Zuckerberg 14 times. They have made us lose a lot of money.


InfoWars are defending you. China is buying up six major Hollywood movie companies to control Hollywood. This is the biggest attack on and They try to shut down your ability to see our videos.   They try to shut us down more and more. They wanna do the shut down by stealth. Twitter says the are planning to ban Trump because they think he is a bully.  Facebook is censoring links to our videos and articles. The site Reddit has made us forbidden. Anything with Ales Jones or InfoWars is banned. Breitbart been kicked out of Apple with their application. Breitbart being stopped from advertising.  Mass media are demonizing InfoWars everywhere and they are censoring us. All is done by stealth. They want us do disappear without noise. That’s how totalitarianism works. Reddit make links to InfoWars invisible. 

InfoWars different platforms have about 40 million views regularly. It’s almost impossible to block e-mail.


EU is pushing online censorship. EU code of practice on disinformation

Implementing censorship and blaming it on terrorism: christchurch call

ADL behind YouTube censorship: ADL


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