April 2017

Part two of Ian Cranes lecture on globalism and New World Order.


The book that I would recommend to you is called “confession of an economic hitman” by John Perkins. Who spent many years working for the World Bank. His job was to go to developing nations and persuade the governments  to buy in to massive credit plans. Because just like in the micro cosmos, once you got an individual in serious debt, basically you got them under control. And the same thing with the micro cosmos, if you can get a nation into serious debts, then you basically have them where you want them. It shouldn’t come as a very great surprise that there’s a very common denominator in every countries that are classified as the “axis of evil”. Its countries like Cuba, North Korea, Iran, recently Russia. Anybody wonder why Russia has been demonized in the media for the last six months? Well all of this countries that are a part of the axis of evil are free of debt – including Venezuela who tries to get rid of the loans to the World bank. And Russia paid of its last loans. Putin had done an excellent job. Russia has become self-sufficient.


The World Bank has a couple of henchmen to carry out its will. And that is the World Trade Organization and the World Health Organization.  The World Trade Organization has nothing to do with trade. And the World Health Organization defiantly has nothing to do with health. Any country that is signed up as member of the WTO is effectively under the control of the United Nations. To anything that the World Trade Organization wants to be more of, the member countries has to obey. Let me give you an example. The World Trade Organization has deemed  the U.S: to export its hormone-impregnated beef. And the WTO sees no reason why any member nation of the WTO should reject the importation of contaminated beef.  The EU for the moment refuses to import the American biff so the EU has to pay a fine to the WTO of 150 millions Euro a year.  Because we don’t want their contaminated beef.  And that fine will increase as we continue and in the end the EU will surrender. Who’s gonna eat the beef? Well we don’t know. Because part of the Codex Alimentarius is to remove the labeling on food.


A lot of people have a lot of misinterpretation that the EU is a democratic organization. Let me assure you its not. First of all, when you elect your MEP, basically is about as effective as electing your chef in your company. Your chef has no role in determine the strategy or the direction of the company.   And this is exactly the case with the MEP:s in the EU. They are a consulting body, nothing else. The real power lies in the trade commissioners. The EU doesn’t have a president yet but in the EU-constitution it does calls for a president. Which also won’t be elected but appointed . Do you know who’s been promised the presidency? Tony Blair. Why do you think Tony Blair have to convert to Catholicism? Because there’s no way a protestant can be the president of the EU because European Union is a catholic entity. It’s not called the Club of Rome for nothing.

There’s one good thing about Tony Blair: nobody trust him. Tony Lied through his whole career. What we have is the Soviet State of Great Britain. Jackie Smith within one week being appointed signed a piece of legislation that gave access to more non-government agencies to the personal lives of everybody in this country then the KGB ever had  under the Soviet empire.  We we’re promised a referendum on the EU-constitution. When there’s no reaction from the public, then Gordon Brown will sign England into the new EU-constitution. And we may have seen the last election where it’s possible to include in your manifesto any nationalistic policy.  Because under the EU-constitution it will be illegal for any political party to campaign for any nationalistic ambitions.

The New World Order. What is their objective? One world government; one world economy, one-world religion and a population less than one billion. But let me tell you , there are organizations that has becoming even more open about this goal to reduce the population. I just want to flag out this. The Club of Rome is an inner group of the Bilderbergs. These people are deep within the inner workings. This particular report is the first ever mentioned that I can find om global warming. It stands:

“In searching for a new enemy to unite us we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention. The real enemy, then, is humanity itself”.


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