April 2017

This is part three on Ian Cranes lecture on globalism and Codex Alimentarius.


This people are very smart, they know their game. They have had many years to practice. So what they do is that they come up with stuff like this to keep us chasing tail. And basically keep us focused. You know all these green stuff. What this guys are making very clear is that they will come up with an agenda that keeps people locked into this vicious cycle. And they come up with these green taxes. This stuff about peak oil. Look at the evidence. Peak oil is at best fifty or hundreds year away. What I’m talking to you about tonight is 2,5 years away. Dr Eric Pianca professor of Zoology at University of Texas – Austin. He made a speech less then two years ago where he advocated the need of “exterminate 90% of the population through the airborne Ebola virus”. This guy got standing ovations.

And just in case if anybody has any doubt. This henge is called the Georgia Guidestones. And if manifested mysteriously in 1980. And on it there is 12 objectives carved down in 12 languages. One objective says: “maintain humanity under 500 million in perpetual balance with nature”. The next objective says: ” guide reproduction wisely. Improving fitness and diversity”.  When did we last hear that? Oh, Mein Kampf by Hitler. We are talking about the same agenda. The SS was known as the brotherhood of death. Skull and Bones is known as the brotherhood of death. And so is the Jesuits.


On 9/11 senator Gary Hart made a statement on TV. He said “Americans will likely die on American soil. Possibly in large numbers”. He was actually quoting from another report written by another extreme right-wing group by the name of “Project of the new American century”. I reckon he was talking about the pharmaceutical companies. Because in the U.S. alone there are over 106 000 deaths every year from properly prescribed medicines. Taken exactly as directed. There’s one particular book that I come across. It’s called “Corporate crime in the pharmaceutical industry”. I was being told that the pharmaceutical industry has tried to buy up every copy of this book. Well I got one copy. The book gives insights. These guys know that this kind of deaths is normal. “Another 150 000 people will die every year as a result of medical blunders. Making death caused by doctors the leading causes of death in the USA.

In a ten-year period it is estimated that 7,8 million victims suffered death from properly prescribed and implemented medications. When the pharmaceutical company does a test they have to prove there is a percentage of the people who are participating in that test who received some positive benefits from that particular medication. any idea of what the percentage they have to prove is? It’s five percent. Coincidentally by the way that is exactly the percentage of the survival rate of anybody with cancer who undertakes kemo. You got more chance to survive by picking up a pistol with one bullet in the chamber. So Big Pharma actually kills more people then the U.S. military. 1997 was the first year that more people have died through accidental fire arming then through automobile accidents in the U.S. 47 000 by firearms.

Why don’t we know about this? The dumbing down process is remarkable. It’s very, very successful. If we know that food that has an label has an effect on behavior what the hell are we gonna do when we have no idea what we’re eating. This is how the organic farming is put under threat. Once the labeling is removed, how is the consumer to determine whether the piece of meat they’re eating is cloned, is with growth hormone? Where does the biggest people live in USA? Texas is the largest provider of beef. And where does the biggest people live? That growth hormone doesn’t just affect the beef.


 Ritalin is an extreme drug. In the U.S. right now 10 % of all school age children are prescribed Ritalin. And it’s increasing in the U.K. From an article: “Perhaps the most disturbing is the suggestion that ADHD is nothing more than the invention of pharmaceutical companies who have used clinical trials to create a disease that can be treated with their drugs”. Last year the NHS spent £28 million on Ritalin alone.

Ian Crane:

Now Ritalin is a stimulant. Its liken to cocaine. We’ll be terrified if parents gave their children cocaine. But this is effectively what we are doing. Stimulants have an opposite effect on kids, it calms them down. Some of you may have seen the Panorama TV-program a few weeks ago. They were talking to families that were prescribed Ritalin to their kids. And one mother to a hyperactive young girl said: “You know, well it is nice to actually see her calm and sitting at the table, but it’s not my daughter”. We’re condemning these kids to a life with prescribed drugs. We are basically becoming a zombie nation. We’re cutting away the possibility of any spiritual connection in their lives. Which of course is by design. And for the adults, there is Prozac. I had a doctor friend of mine and I asked him why there is more women on Prozac than man. He said the guys has to be dead before they go and see a doctor. and the doctor is just to quick to subscribe Prozac.

We are a nation addicted to pills. Not because we wanna be addicted but because the pharmaceutical industry needs us to be addicted. Big Pharma has a very, very simple philosophy. From the moment a life form is conceived and to that lifeforms deceases, it is a revenue stream. From conception to death.


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