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April 2017

In this video Ian R. Crane talks about globalism and Codex Alimentarius.

I probably should have called this talk tonight something like: is this for real? Because, when I first started introducing this subject to people their reaction was “Oh, don’t be so stupid. They’re not gonna do anything like that. And I said well, believe or not, that’s exactly what they want you to think. And I’ve one of these conversations and the next day i did some research and I pulled out a document from the National Health federation. And the opening paragraph here is: “never heard of Codex? – That’s exactly what they want!

The codex agenda, only low potency supplements available that will do nothing for your health, most of the food genetically modified and any beneficial supplements unavailable or sold only by prescription. Which is the way it is in Norway and certain other countries further down the road.


This is a book that just been published by William Engdahl. It’s called “Seeds of destruction:the hidden agenda of genetic manipulation”. I’m gonna read you a review of the book.

“This skillfully researched book focus on how a small social political American elite seeks to establish control over the very basics over human survival: the provision of our daily bread. Control the food and you control the people (quote Henry Kissinger). This is no ordinary book about the perils of GMO. Engdahl takes the reader inside the corridors of power, into the backroom of the science labs, behind close doors in the corporate boardroom. The author reveals a diabolic world of profit driven   political intrigue, government corruption and cohesion. Where genetic manipulation and the patenting of life forms are used to gain worldwide control over food production”.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Gordon Brown has thrown his hat into the arena with his constant reference to the new world order. A phrase that had never crossed his lips until January the 15:Th of this year. Tony Blair has mentioned this phrase a couple of  times after 9/11. And Gordon Brown gave a speech in Canada this year.
And in that speech he mention the phrase “New World Order” nine times. New World Order is very significant. Because new world order George Orwell wrote a book most people know him for 1984.  Very few people know about the book he wrote in 1938 called “New World Order”. An extremely precise book, more precise than 1984.

Hitler of curse used the phrase “new world order”. Hitlers primary financial backers were the pharmaceutical industry. IG Farben. The CEO’s of IG Farben got in jail. But after ten years two of the major players were back. There shouldn’t be any surprise that the pharmaceutical industry is the most significant financial backer of the Bush-regime. Gordon Brown have made in very clear that he is absolutely signed up to the agenda of the new world order. And we are going to look at some aspects of that agenda.  Globalization is defiantly a key aspect. And we see this coming. Most people have no concept on what’s coming. While just as they don’t want you to know what codex is about, they don’t want you to know about the details of the political agenda, because it’s a little sensitive.


After the second world war, this is what the map of Europe would have look like. 27 different nations. All responsible for their own internal policy, philosophy, lifestyle. But of course since 1957 and the establishment of the Club of Rome, which was initially an economic co-operation but has grown into a 27 nation superstate. And right now a governor of a state in the U.S. has more power, more autonomy, then a prime minister of a European nation. There is more federal law then in Europe then there is in the U.S. End the European federation has been around for exactly 51 years. And there is more federal legislation then there is in U.S. which has been around for 230 years.  Whilst Europe has coming together as a superstate.

This has been happening in other areas around the world. We have the league of African nations, the league of Arab nations, the Asia-Pacific economic community, the South east Asia community. And the one that is coming really fast down the track is the North American Union. This is so imminent is being brought about by the collapse of the dollar. Interestingly enough, if you look at the graphs, the start of the decline of the dollar started with the establishment of George Bush as president. The intention is to create the North American Union. There is another reason why the U.S: desperately wants to create a North American Union. And that is because their military is struggling to recruit. Mexicans will join the American army.  All of a sudden this North American Union, which is just the next step from the North American free trade association, which of course the EU is the same step beyond the European economic community. Once that happen they will have an North American army. And you will see that, wherever the U.S. wants to pursue its agenda or hegemony it will be mainly Mexican soldiers.

This document is called “Rebuilding Americas Defenses”. It’s written by a organization called “Project for the American Century”.  This particular document was published in September of 2000. And if you read if, you think this is written by George Orwell on acid. It literally talks about the need of the U.S: to dominate the globe and to do it by any means available. Which means military. It even has a coupe of paragraphs on the use of pharmaceuticals to enhance the performance of the military. Reducing fear, reducing the requirement for food and water. So it shouldn’t surprise you that the U.S. military is guilty of so many things because they are drugged. When you read this document you think its the work of some psychopath. Here we have names such as Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld and others.

Because of their belief system, these guys absolutely believe that the more information they put out to people to see. And then they do nothing about it. That gives them a mandate. When we let to do nothing about it, they then take that as a mandate to pursue their agenda. And right now we see them pushing, until they get civil unrest and then ok let’s back off a while.   What the next step is going to be is the merger of the American Union with the European Union. Making it the most powerful economic block in the world and totally dominant economically. And it will very quickly swallow up with the other trade communities. All under the banner of the United Nations.


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