April 2017

Ian Cranes lecture on globalism and Codex Alimentarius. Part five.


Big Pharma conspiracy facts and corporate crimes in the pharmaceutical industry. Donald Rumsfeld was the C.E.O.  at a company called Searle, which was owned by Monsanto. Searle developed Aspartame and wanted it to get in the food chain. The FDA resisted. There was research that proved that aspartame was causing brain damage in young rats. But that didn’t stop Donald Rumsfeld. And as soon Reagan was appointed president, he made sure that Reagan removed the head of the FDA. And a few months later the new head of the FDA approved aspartame.

So in the U.S. today there are a number of individual states that has aspartame banned for people under 12 years old. But of course here in England aspartame is pumped into kids, its “sugarfree”. But its causes brain cancer in young rats.

And Tamiflu. The pharmaceutical developed Tamiflu. They couldn’t do anything with it so they sold it to Roche. Then Donald Rumsfeld was appointed Secretary of State. And all of a sudden: BIRDFLU, is the new big danger. I read that Allen Johnson the secretary of health has just authorised the purchase of another 14 million doses of Tamiflu.  The  pharmaceutical company’s own documentation says “Tamifly only delays the symptom between 24 and 48 hours”. Its useless. Johnson has also purchased a lot of antibiotics to deal with those cases when Tamils doesn’t help.

Here’s a comment from the Natural Solution Foundation:

“Codex Alimentarius is the shrewd vehicle for protecting the pharmaceutical industry. The industry has decided upon an unethical course of action by using deception and deceit in the quest to eliminate natural health products completely”.

Here’s what’s going on. The pharmaceutical companies is losing revenue because people are turning to natural health products. Look at this article:

Expert backs prescription by clinicians”.

This is the biggest threat to the vast majority to complementary health practitioners. Because part of the quest of the pharmaceuticals is literally to shut out all non-medically qualified practitioners. If you’re qualified as a doctor first and then gone on to alternative therapies, then, al least for the time being, with the current codex, you’ll be able to prescribe natural medicines. This is the case in Germany right now where homeopathic medicine are available but only when prescribed by a clinician.


2005 the Alliance for Natural Health launched a campaign in the European court to try to prevent Codex Alimentarius to be implemented. And the judge were very sympathetic. Because the judge – who was an EU-advocate General – he refered to the arbitrary clause in Codex, supporting EU-legislation as being as transparent as a black box. Basically he was saying “take codex away”. But the World Trade Organisation decided that they would launch a case in the international Court of Justice in Luxembourg. And that case come about into court in July 2005. On July 12th the International court justice overruled the EU. The July 12th ruling of the International Court of Justice in Luxembourg followed the July 4th Rome meeting of Codex when the 85 countries present ratified the restrictive guidelines for dietary supplements. Canada and USA were among them. Objections from China and South Africa were ignored. Just as in the original 2001 version, the current guidelines, of the EU Directive, strictly prohibit information about diseases being treatable by nutrients and call for future supplement dosage restriction.

It is fundamentally illegal for a doctor to advice a patient that their condition may improve if they change their diet.


Here you can see the team that working for natural health. It’s a non-governmental organisation under the guide of the National Health Federation. These are the three key players. Scott tips is the president of the National health Federation. If you go to the website of You can find this book. Its called Codex Alimentarius – global food imperialism. It’s compiled by Scott Tips from Natural Health Federation. Its a summary of articles by people who has firsthand experience of dealing with Codex Alimentarius Commission. The other people on his team are Paul Anthony Taylor who is the chairman of the National Health Federation.

The third person is Dr. Robert Verkerk who is an extremely important person. He realised what was occurring back in 2002. He was a professor at Imperial College in London. And he decided to leave academia and take up the fight against Codex Alimentarius. He is the scientific adviser. He is the chief executive of the Alliance for Natural Health. These are the only three guys between our alternative community here and Codex Alimentarius.  The National Health Federation is funded from the U.S. Paul Anthony Taylor is funded by another foundation. But Dr. Robert Verkerk is basically self funded. He totally rely on donations. When I first contacted him and told him that I was planning on doing a couple of talks on Codex Alimentarius. He said: Where are you calling me from? I said: South Devon. He said: So you’re in the U.K? I said yeah. He said: so you’re going to do some talk on Codex?. I said: yeah. He said: good luck.

Then he went on to tell me that when he talks on Codex Alimentarius in New Zeeland, Australia or in the USA he can fill a small stadium. When he do talks in the U.K. he’s lucky if he get half a dozen people to show up.


Even despite the efforts we made in publishing on Codex yet we get people saying: oh no that’s not gonna happen. Robert Verkerk is so unsupported and undervalued. It’s unforgivable, with this amount of warning that there is no attempt tho resist it. Here we have forms with direct payment to Alliance for Natural Health. And if you’re a therapist in the complementary alternative arena, or if you in any way are involved in natural health food, or in organic farming, then I recommend you to take one of these forms and give some consideration to supporting Dr. Robert Verkerk in his work. If you’re an organisation it is fundamentally essential that you develop a strategy on how you’re going to participate in resisting Codex Alimentarius. Because I promise you this is as real as anything. And if you remember when I opened up the talk i said: “haven’t heard about Codex Alimentarius? That’s exactly what they want”. We have gone to 30 to more people in the audience. The whole landscape of ours will fundamentally change if the persons behind Codex alimentarius are uncontested. There is no conspiracy here. Please take a look at the Alliance for Natural Healths website Please look at the National Health Federations website Do your own research. This is something that this community should be more aware of than anywhere else in the U.K. Otherwise, in ten years it will be very different for what it is right now.

This is not even my specialty or study. I’m not a practitioner, I’m not directly involved in alternative or complementary health. I’m not directly involved in organic farming. Right now I’m really pissed off. A number of us tries to get this community to realise what’s occurring and the community don’t want to know. I have a decision to make to. Do I continue on this line with presentations and lectures? It’s not cheap to organise this kind of events. It’s not cheap to organise the publicity. I said in the start that you have to decide. You have to walk out of here  and make a decision. Consider what you can contribute to persons like Dr. Robert Verkerk on Alliance for Natural Health. Educate your colleagues and also if you’re part of an organisation, find out what your representatives bodies attitude is towards codex. And if they don’t have a strategy, ask them why not?

This is the challenge that we face now. We do have an opportunity to make a difference.


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