Juni 2017

Grindall 61 on Agenda 21 in California. 

Basically Agenda 21 is a way to get control and it’s done by using the arguments of climate and environmental issues. Agenda 21 is a product of United Nations and they basically wants people ouf of the urban areas and into the cities.

The video below is made by Gary Gileno a.k.a. grindall61.

Transcribed text below:

Kaizer Rangwala:

“The new American dream. Suburban home. Every person having a track of land and why not? We have so much land, and it was pushed by the taxdollars that were coming, the gas tax. Guess what? That model is over. We’re no longer building suburban track homes, we’re building very few of them. The new model is what?It’s not quality of life. Where you have a single family home, you have your tv, and you have two cars in the garage. But it’s more focus on quality of place. So we’re replacing quality of life with quality of place”.

NRDC Western Director Joel Reynolds:

“If you ever driven 1-5 you’ve probably seen the big signs for this. This is really an extraordinary piece of property located on the spine of California. Right at the base of road 1-5 and the 99 at the bottom of San Joaquin Valley. For probably 150 years it’s been kind of mysterious place. Privately owned. Nobody really hads had access to it. You may seen the signs. You may have seen the incredible wildflower that blanket the western edge along road 1-5 in the spring. But it’s always been very much at the top of the list for conservation in California. The reason for that is that it’s the largest private land owner in California. 270 000 acres. Nine times the area of the city of San Fransisco”.

“And it’s all conntinuous and it’s all under one owner. It’s a huge opportunity for conservation and this is really the main reason why. You have the San Joaquin Valley ecosystem. You have the Southern Sierra Nevada ecosystem.You have the Mojave desert and you have the coastal range. All of them come together on the Tejon Range. That means the species interact both animal and plant. And to have this much land unfragmented and really under control of one owner that you can get in a room with and sit down and talk to is great. And there’s been lots of efforts over the years to persuade the Tejon Range Company to talk about conservation. And they have always said no. I’ve already kind of explained why this is significant from a conservation perspective. We caill it the holy grail of conservation in California”.

Warren Whitlock Federal Highway Administration:

“My name is Warren Whitlock. I am the associate administrator for civil rights for the Federal Highway Administration. I am on a detail for the next few months with the Secretary office putting together this series of mega-tours throughout 11 regions of the country. Secretary Fox issued a draft earlier this year called Beyond Traffic. A framwork for the next 30 years and will be the different transportation implication”.

Long Beach Vice Mayor Suja Lowentahl:

“Transportation is literally the road to our future. As part of larger Mega-regions, Long Beach is attracting non-driving millennials. And you probably saw them coming in and immigrants can make up the great use of our light rail our growing bicycle infrastructure”.

“Basically very few people know what SCAG is. Southerns Californina Association of Governments covers 19 million people in Southern California. They are an unelected,

a hugely funded shadow government. Their mandate is to put essentially everybody out of their cars. And if you go to SCAG:s website they have a 540 billion dollar plan that’s going to go through 2040 to completely remake Southern California. What exactly are they planning to do with all that money? This is all based on this thing called sustainable development which is a farily radical environmentalist idea that believes in global warming, believes cars are the thing that is causing it. And it works to get everybody out of their cars and into public transportation on bikes and on foot”.

Ontario City council Alan Wapner:

“The central plan is called The Regional Transportation Plan. It’s actually a federal environmental document that makes sure that everything we do in our region reaches all of the environmental impact targets that we have in Southern California. The total cost to implement the plan is about half a trillion dollars”.

Huasha Liu SCAG staff:

“When we put this long range transportation plan and the sustainable communities together. This has a 25 years horizon out to 2040. And we have about half a trillion dollars investment in tansportation infrastructure. Environmental justice. To make sure the low income population households and also minorities, their interests are protected . This is very important, that’s why we are here”.

NASA Joshua Fisher:

“How much heat are we trapping? This is an interesting graphic. The extra energy traped by human made greenhouse gases is equialent to 400.000 Hiroshima atmic bombs exploding every day 365 days per year”.

Joe Cesta:

“You look at the minnennials. They’re looking for a true work-live environment. So they’re looking to move back to city centers. And they’re looking fro places where they don’t have to get in their car and drive 20-30 minutes to get somewhere. They’re not going to be facing enormous traffic challenges because of that”.

Kaizer Rangwala:

“The changing demographics that’s occuring at 2 levels with the Genereration Y, that are categorically rejecting the suburban living format and preferring the urban living format”.

SCAG Executive Director Hasan Ikhrata:

“People will continue to drive, most of us will drive in the future, but we will drive differently. And what will will done by a car will be done by 5 cars in the future. So people will drive but there’s shared mobility aspect. Many of the millennials that are willing to stay in houses that others stayed in before, willing to share a car, to share a bike. So that will impact how transportation adn land are use can now go forward”.



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