April 2017



Deborah Tavares California USA is a “water activist” who  operates the site “” and is also active on the site “” In the following video from 2015 as she speaks at a meeting of the politicians who are responsible for the water in Sonoma County in California.


“I’m Deborah Tavares from” “. I have been talking for some time about the primary water. Primary water is a renewable resource. The created in-depth and when converted to steam as it comes up to the surface. We can see examples of hot and cold sources, we can see it in geysers and we can see it in the oases. We know Qaddafi “great man made river project” where he arranged for 70% of Libya’s water was free based on this principle (of course, as NATO bombed down this project ). I found a document from 1976 called “Efficient water use in California, water rights, water districts and water transfers”. This document was written with the RAND Corporation, and it was sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation. You’re doing business with both the Rand Corporation and the Rockefeller’s. I also found a document from Goldman Sachs and the document is called “sustainable growth”. In the document, they talk about how much money it would go to the water treatment and desalination of water. “


This is therefore a push to conquer the water markets worldwide. This project is sponsored by the World Bank and Rothschild. Nestle is also involved as well as our public authorities. There is also the “Water Market USA” which is a secret project of England. There, they talk about plans to privatize water in the United States. And it is that which we can witness now. They mention concepts such as “water” in order to take over and privatize when we actually have an abundance of water. Millions of people will suffer, both globally and locally. They will lose their farms as we see happening now. This creates a global water stress. Why? Because behind the facade of “water” as is GMO -food. There is a document from the UK, talking about the possibility of creating the idea of water, then limit food production due. ‘water shortage’ and in this wake introduce GMO global “.

“You work with Goldman Sachs – which belong to Rothschild – and you are working with the RAND Corporation and Rockefeller. You have written policies together with criminals. Water represents a multi-billion market that can be privatized and controlled. They look at water treatment and desalination as a global market. “






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