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February 2018

It was Judicial Watch that made it possible to get the Nune’s memo released. In the video below Tom Fitton – the president of Judicial Watch – are being interviewed about the released memos and about the secrecy of Washington. What is needed in Washington is more transparency, otherwise the deep state will continue to corrupt America.

It was Judicial Watch that made the Nunes memo possible to be published. In this interview with Tom Fitton – who is the President of Judicial Watch – Fitton  talks about the need of transparency in Washington so that the government institutions don’t abuse their powers. The title of this interview is: Inside Judicial Watch: the Deep State’s War on Donald Trump.

When this interview took place the Juridical Watch had 91 active lawsuits. Carter asks Fitton why JW doesn’t get the information they need. Fittons means that when it comes to transparency the deep state is running the show for the Trump Administration. The political appointees are hostile to the issues of transparency. The deep state is protecting its own and we see this time and again, no matter what the scandal they don’t wanna give up anything. Those agencies are the holdovers and the permanent bureaucracy there fells like they can do whatever they want.

The State Department was telling us that we can’t get Clinton e-mails in a timely way and  is still telling us under the Trump Administration. With the Clinton e-mails we have a request pending and litigation over the e-mails she didn’t turn over to the State Department. What’s happening is that the State Department is slowing the releases of these information, they’re stonewalling the release. We’re facing a time-frame up to the year 2020 until we get them all. Hillary Clinton took 60,000 e-mails with her, she only turned over 30 000 initially. We’re trying to get the e-mails she didn’t want us to see and the State Department is stonewalling the release of that information.

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Tom Fitton from Judicial Watch

They’re defending Hillary on other matters too. Hillary should have been prosecuted because of her mishandling of classified misinformation on this secret server she had. The U.S. agencies are supposed to do damage assessments when classified information is potentially breached like this. The Obama Administration didn’t want to do that. We pushed the Trump Administration to do it and we didn’t get it so we sue in court. Right not the State Department, the Trump administration, the office of Director of National Intelligence, the Justice Department and the FBI are telling us that Mrs. Clinton’s breaches of national security weren’t serious enough to make a damage assessment. They are making excuses for Mrs. Clinton. They are unwilling to hold Mrs. Clinton to account. We have sued the State Department. The leadership of the Justice Department, the leadership of the FBI, the leadership with the State Department need to step up and clean house.

These are the agencies being abused to target the American people and surprise, the agencies doesn’t want to investigate themselves: the Justice Department, the FBI, the IRS. I think that the White House need to take a more active role in supervising and demanding accountability, the agencies won’t do it on their own.

Lois Lerner was the Obama-IRS, working with Democrats in Congress. Working with appointees of President Obama and the Justice Department and the FBI to target Obama’s political opponents during in the run-up to 2012 election. That’s how they stole the election in 2012. They suppressed the Tea Party movement. We’re still fighting the Justice Department and the IRS for records about this scandal. Judicial Watch don’t rely on these agencies to do the right thing. That’s why we do our own thing here. Under the glorious American legal system, FOIA and things like that were able to go to court and get the accountability our government isn’t providing. It’s outrageous that our appointed and elected officials aren’t doing the work the American people demand of. If not for Judicial Watch we wouldn’t know about the IRS scandal, we blew up the Benghazi scandal, the Clinton e-mails. We wouldn’t know about the Clinton E-mail scandal but for JW’s Freedom of Information Act request. Judicial Watch are providing the leadership in fighting corruption here in Washington.

The State Department is withholding material from us on Benghazi. You wouldn’t believe the ridiculous and wasteful fights we get into with these government lawyers whose seemingly are just doing whatever they want.

We help Congress when we can. Sometimes we try to get information from Congress but in our experience they usually hold things very close to their vest. They want to know what we’re doing but they don’t want to tell us what’s going on. When Congress gets documents they’re not required to release them to the public. So Congress may have documents that we may never have seen. Congress doesn’t want to do this oversight either, the House leadership doesn’t want to do it, the Senate leadership doesn’t want to do it. The Russian scandal, we’ve got probably three dozen FOIA requests going on. It’s a black hole in terms of information being produced by this administration on the Russia Scandal. And the irony is that they are holding back information that would hurt Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama and also holding back information that might help President Trump. Because it would expose the unmasking, it would expose the identity of those involved with anything illegal leaks of classified material, withhold information about the spying that took place on the Trump team being confirmed. Trump was right about that they were spying on him. Just the other day we received notice from the National Security Agency. The NSA said they don’t confirm or deny whether there were any unmasking. The NSA don’t want to give us the Comey memos, they don’t want to give us the information about the targeting on general Flynn. They were even targeting Attorney General Sessions when he was a senator, they were spying on him.

The Obama administration stole the 2012 election by abusing the IRS. And they tried to steal the 2016 elections by spying on Trump, by using the FBI, and our national security surveillance state to spy on the Trump campaign. While at the same time protecting Hillary Clinton. We’re still getting stonewalled on the Clinton investigations too. We’ve asked for information about the Bill, Loretta Lynch Tarmac investigation but the Trump Justice Department won’t give it to us. There is key information about the lies that Obama Justice Department were telling about this investigation are being withheld thanks to the Trump Justice Department. Who is running the show? Who’s minding the store at the Justice Department?

I’ve told the white House that they need to get this transparency revolution going because that secrecy protects the deep state. They rely on the secrecy to do what they want, to lord over us improperly. Its gotten to the point where they don’t like the president. They think they’re within their rights to remove him from office. They try to prosecute him or get him impeached. And if they can’t prosecute him they’ll get his family or they target people around him. On top of this you have the Justice Department out of control investigation into the presidency that was corrupted from the Gekko. Where you had James Comey stealing records from the FBI and leaking them illegally. To try to get a special counsel appointed. Mueller hasn’t been confirmed or appointed by the Senate. Who’s running the show there? Rod Rosenstein let Mueller do whatever he wants. These prosecutors need to be held accountable to the people through the United States confirmations process.

 End of interview

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