June 2019

In the video below The HAARP Report describes the destruction of the ozone layer with the geoengineering-programs going on. The title of the video is “How the Ozone layer is damaged by daytime ionospheric heaters”.


HAARP Report: 

The D-layer of the ionosphere is used by microwave weapons to manipulate the upper troposphere. The natural ionization of the D-layer is not sufficient for microwave stimulation. To increase the ionization in the D-layer jet airlines exhaust contains specific low-work metals (chemtrails). The increased ionization of the D-layer turns it into a weapon. The metals become ionized with the energy available in the D-layer. The Ozone layer is also damaged by the jet exhaust particles. The Ozone layer is below the D-layer and in contact with it.  Microwave transmitters are used to steer the jet stream, especially over the Pacific Ocean.

ionospheric heaters-the haarp report-chemtrails aerosols


The D-layer of the ionosphere only exist in daytime. The D-layer is used for creating HAARP down bursts of air into the top of the jet stream. The D-layer is the most dense and lowest conductive layer which can absorb microwave energy and that’s why it’s used for weather control.  Ozone is destroyed by free electrons or  ions in the D-layer. The Ozone layer is a thin blanket that allows life to continue on planet earth. Ozone stops deadly UV-B radiation just below the D-layer. Without the Ozone layer the suns ultraviolet radiation would  reach the earths surface where it would burn everything to a crisp and render life impossible.


The ionospheric heaters create high pressure in the stratosphere. As the D-layer moves down the Ozone layer disappears, as the D-layer moves up the Ozone layer gets thicker. Free electrons or ions destroy the Ozone layer. What is the real reason for ionization of the D-layer?  The low work function metals are responsible for the daytime formation of the D-layer. The following metals can create the lower part of the D-layer: lithium, sodium, aluminum, potassium, strontium, cesium and barium. This gives the list of metals which are probably in airliner jet fuels additives and are used to strengthen and weaponize the D-layer. We know for fact that aluminum, strontium and barium have been falling from airplanes. The specific reason for spraying nano-particles from the jet airliners is to create a strongly ionized D-layer. The metal ions migrates to the D-layer where they allow the ionospheric heaters to create hot  bursts of downward air movement. The metals enables the control of the jet stream by strengthening the D-layer.  

sbx-geoengineering-haarp-ionospheric heaters

Ionospheric heaters have different appearances. In the picture above we see the SBX-radar which is a mobile ionospheric heater (i.e. microwave transmitter, HAARP).  


The ionizer heaters heats a circle in the D-layer to cause expanding gas and to create high pressure jet at the center point. A gigantic hole is punched through the Ozone layer.  The Ozone hole expands due to turbulence and contamination from the ions in the D-layer. The Ozone hole persists for an unknown time, probably expanding for hours due to turbulence. UV-B radiation reaches the ground level. The Ozone hole can persist 1 to 3 days depending on stratospheric winds. The killer UV-B is now reaching the ground level which should never ever happen. UV-B kills plankton, amphibians, tide pools, insects, tree leaves, tender vegetation, it disrupts food chains in oceans, the crop yields down to 50 %, skin cancer occurs, creates cataract. Frogs are going extinct in equatorial zones.  In the oceans the plankton is being destroyed which is disrupting the food web of the Pacific Ocean and causing starvation and mammal death. 

jet stream_geoengineering_ionospheric heaters_haarp

The Jet Stream is a flow of fast moving  air that goes around the planet. The jet airliners drops nano-particulate (chemtrails) in the atmosphere. The particles migrates to the ionosphere where the ionosphere  get more ionized. The ionospheric heaters beams energy to the ionosphere which  drive a jet of air downwards and hits the jet stream. At the same time a gigantic  hole in the Ozone layer occurs. The ionospheric heaters can then control the jet stream and create high pressure.


Another evidence that the ionospheric heaters are disrupting the normal cycles of the atmosphere is that the Quasi-Biennal-Oscillation (QBO) has broken its normal cycle for the first time in 60 years. What is the QBO? The Quasi-Biennial Oscillation is a regular variation of the winds that blow high above the equator. Strong winds in the stratosphere travel in a belt around the planet, and every 14 months or so, these winds completely change direction. This means a full cycle takes roughly 28 months. This phenomenon has been measured since the 1950’s. The Pacific ionosphere weather control pattern pushing downward and into the equator. They’re abusing the ionosphere and the Pacific Ocean with ionospheric heaters so much that it disrupts the QBO.


  1. The ionospheric heaters can control the jet stream but they can cause severe damage to the Ozone layer every time they operate.
  2. Ionospheric heaters tap in enough energy to disturb the natural cycle of QBO.
  3. Jet airliners exhaust is a multi-purpose weather weapon
  4. Over 100 000 airliners fly every day with no regulation on NOx, soot, metal nano-particulates. 
  5. The D-layer is augmented by metallic nano-particulates for use as a weather control weapon. 
  6. Metal nano-particulates in jet exhaust break down  Ozone, even without  ionospheric heaters operation.
  7. Metal nano-particulates in jet exhaust increase ionization in the D-layer.
  8. A well ionized D-layer allows microwave jet stream control, which is leading to droughts, fires, floods and big profit from weather futures contracts.  


The damage to the Ozone layer and the rapidly dying coral reefs, forests, amphibians, insects and so on, show the need for an immediate international treaty to ban the proliferation and use of this ionospheric heater technology. The human race is about to enter a nightmare world of petty rivals played out by destroying the atmosphere. All the while the people will be powerless to stop it or even understand what is being done to them. Like the JFK 1963 nuclear ban treaty we need an 2020 atmosphere-weaponization and Ozone protection treaty. Without a treaty our biosphere dies and we will disappear from this planet. 

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By Michael Kleiman, US Air Force – http://science.dodlive.mil/2010/02/23/haarps-antenna-array-the-kitchen-in-the-sky/, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=11034772


  1. It’s what they want Elena. It’s a great way to reduce the population to the 500mill they want for Agenda 2030.

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