June 2018

The Swedish Migration Agency  made a film in 2014 entitled “Everyday life in Sweden”. The video shows the everyday life in Sweden for migrants.

In the video Everyday life in Sweden we see nice pictures of Sweden’s landscape accompanied by harmonic guitar music. We see pictures of small towns of Sweden and of migrants, migrants children that are playing together with swedish kids in playgrounds. We see migrants that are taking care of older swedish citizens.

Narrator (in english):

-Less then nine months ago My (a woman from Somalia) was living with her children in a refugee camp in Kenya together with 300 000 other Somali refugees. Today she lives in Bergsjö, Sweden.


-Here in Sweden I never need to be afraid of being attacked and raped. Instead I can think about how to develop.


-My was 7-month pregnant when she arrived in Sweden and since the baby was born she’s been at home looking after it. My looks forward to the day she’ll be able to start school.

The video then shows the picture from the family’s apartment. My’s family has seven members. The children go to daycare centers and school.


-Meanwhile in the city of Bollnäs, Brishti, an Eritrean, prepares breakfast for her family. They have a family of five. One and a half-year ago the family arrived as quota refugees from a camp in Sudan.

– In the city of Ljusdal lives another family. They are five family members and the father of the family is 65 years old and has recently retired.  The municipalities refugee official took good care of them. Now one of the family members works as an interpretator and helps newly arrived refugees in Sweden. The kids are getting private lessons in the swedish language. The mother in the family study swedish at school.


“Here in Sweden I don’t have to thing about how I’m going to get food every single day. And I don’t have to walk long distances in order to get water or collect firewood.  There is always water in the tap and food in the shop”.


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