Unfortunately, the unreasonable Commission proposal that illegal terrorist content must be taken down within one hour remains the default in the report adopted by the LIBE committee (see Article 4). The only exception to this rule is for the very first time a website owner receives a removal order from an authority, in which case they get 12 hours to familiarise themselves with the procedure and applicable deadlines. Afterward, regardless of platform size or resources, they must react within one hour in ord

Source: Julia Reda – Will the EU Parliament uphold or reject “terror filters” on April 17?

EU-kommissionen vill att internetplattformar tar bort “terroristmaterial” inom en timme eller att riskera dryga böter.

Vem ger EU rätten att leka gud över internet?

Först har EU  klubbat igenom copyrightdirektivet och nu detta terroristfilter. Det är ganska uppenbart att EU är ute efter strikt kontroll av innehållet på internet.


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