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Elana Freeland:

We had the space fence back in the Reagan – Bush – Cheney- years in the 1980’s. And then suddenly it was called strategic defense initiative , the star wars program. It had a space fence. It was across the sort of southern Midwest like a necklace across the nation of radar installations. But it was tabled under Clinton and he renamed it the ballistic missile defense system. And then they tabled it because they did not have the ionized sky they needed in order to implement the star wars program to the degree they wanted to implement it.

So it sort of went black for all those years while they were working on Bernard Eastland HAARP- patents. In chapter two in my old book I deconstructed his patent in order to show how you can find within it the necessity for chemtrails, for nano particulates, to be in the atmosphere, on order to use radio frequency microwave to keep the lower atmosphere ionized as HAARP was able to trigger the ionosphere to bring a lot of that down to pop off those electrons way up there. Bring it down to our atmosphere.and then they needed to have a system down here by which they could keep it activated. Keep an ionized battery-ready antenna-like electrified atmosphere for all of their military intelligence needs.

This full spectrum dominance requires that the atmosphere be electrified and ready 24/7 for any military operation that has to do with communications, cyber warfare, EMPs, even mind control of various citizens or entire populations. This is so big.

Adam Parfrey at Farrell House got me interested in this.  I was interested in the morgellons that he was. I look over his shoulder under a microscope and saw in my blood the morgellons . I saw them eating iron out of my erythrocytes. and that definitely got my attention.

I now know how far this is going to go. Which I tried to spell out in the space fence book. I’ve tried to give a picture of a global system. I have digged deeper into the national security state and its desire to have full spectrum dominance. What really has resolved it for me is the 5g roll out that’s happening. I do cover 5g in the space fence book. My last book will be of synthetic biology. it’s about how this biological  system is going to do a full on lock down right down to the DNA-level.

There are so much going on in our atmosphere meanwhile there’s a lid on it. As you have notice the main stream media has started normalizing geoengineering. We’ve been under it for two decades.

The space fence is around us all the time.

The electromagnetic spreading of America has happened openly and yet extremely covertly. They been able to slip this through. so we find ourselves immersed in it now, in our homes, we have internet, we have the router, we have cell phones. Were immersed in an electromagnetic era. This has been done purposefully. The military can use our cell towers. in 2002 nano technology was trotted out. Trillions of sensors were dropped from the stratosphere we all breathe them in. They’re in our tissue, in our brain. Were breathing in nano particles of conductive metals were talking aluminum, barium, strontium, lithium, titanium. and no discussion because it’s of course all conspiracy theory. We are breathing in the morgellons which have been genetically engineered.

We are moving into a fascist military technocrat control. This is what the space fence is about. It wants control over every living thing. Satellites are involved in the space fence. 5g on little boxes that goes up everywhere all around the world. 5g can penetrate the cover of our DNA. 5g is millimeter waves, they are between microwaves and infrared. they are at 30 to 300 GHz. I will say that 5g is the means to penetrate us right sown to the DNA- level. They are driving us towards trans humanism.

They are spraying chemicals in the atmosphere with rockets. The particles that doesn’t come down to the earth surface will start to rotate with the earth and eventually settle around the equator in a ring.


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