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March 2020

Elana Freeland has written two books on the subject of geoengineering/chemtrails and HAARP. The books are “Chemtrails, HAARP and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth” (2014) and “Under an Ionized Sky” (2018). She is currently working on her latest book in this series which will be about trans humanism. The lecture below is from may 2019 in Olympia, Washington and the topics are geoengineering, trans humanism, 5G and more.

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     Freeland says that In the 1980’s the USA had the Strategic Defense Initiative – SDI (the Star Wars program) but SDI didn’t work because the atmosphere was too empty, it wouldn’t conduct. They needed conductivity in the atmosphere. At that time Bernard Eastland came with his patent for an ionospheric heater that could operate between the troposphere and the ionosphere. The patents laid out very clearly that the delivering of nano particles is essential to ionize the atmosphere.

    Under Bill Clinton they renamed the project to Ballistic Missile Defense Program. With the geoengineering/chemtrails going on we now have an ionized atmosphere, it’s all electric, battery ready, wireless ready. Were living in an wireless mesh. The whole infrastructure on planet earth has been set up. In above orbit we have a whole bunch of sensors, a whole bunch of nano particles of conductive metals. The term “Chemtrails” is a military term coming from the manual for pilots in U.S. Air Force Academy in 1990.

elana freeland_haarp_strategic defense initiative

An atmosphere which is conducted by chemtrails/geoengineering makes the military wireless operations functioning. 

    Moisture clouds would not provide what is needed for chemical electromagnetic operations. The more moisture you have in the atmosphere the less wireless conductivity you have. The nano particles in the atmosphere are essential for wireless operations. The particles has to be in the sky 24/7 or you cannot conduct wireless operations. 


  Geoengineering is a vast subject. Controlling the weather is essential as a political tool of blackmail or no make nations behave. It is also a tremendous energy creator. You can create storm systems, you can juggle the jet stream. We are all guinea pigs for the electromagnetic experimentation’s going on. Many of the nano particles they dropped in the stratosphere fall down to earth. They go into your body, your lungs, your bloodstream. They head for the blood brain barrier and they can slide through it because of their size.

Freeland goes through different purposes with the geoengineering.

  1. Planetary/Geophysical operations which can include receding shorelines, different weather events like what happened in Hawaii, terra forming.
  2. Directed Energy Warfare, using weather as a weapon.
  3. Surveillance/neural operations. That would be targeted individuals. We have at least 1,5 millions Americans that are targeted in their own houses by directed energy weapons.
  4. Biological/Transhumanism operations. They can do this remotely. All they need is the frequency and to calibrate the pulsing of the Internet of Things.

elana freeland_haarp_geoengineering_5g


    Ion channeling is the mechanism to propagate energy. HAARP creates Alfvén waves that energize the entire planet and induce solar activity between the Earth and the Sun. HAARP in Alaska works in tandem with two other instruments  in the state of  Alaska. HAARP is not going to go away. Freeland says that we are forming a ring around our equator similar to the rings around Saturn. In some places you can see two suns. That could be the Barium in the atmosphere that shows a mirroring affect. Author Rosalie Bertell said that HAARP could deliver a large amounts of energy, comparable to a nuclear bomb, anywhere on earth via laser and particle beams.

    They use ionospheric heaters as beams over a targeted area.  You cross the beams. This is what HAARP was created to do. With three beams you can create a hologram in the sky. We are living under an plasma atmosphere. Freeland says that nations are being used as experimental labs for various weapons. All this is done on a global scale.

 Freeland says that HAARP is a scalar weapon system and it was involved in days previous to those earthquakes in Fukushima.

haarp scalar weapon_freeland_5g_

haarp clouds_geoengineering_climate change

According to Elana Freeland this is what clouds look like when they have been beamed with ionospheric heaters.

haarp sverige geoengineering chemtrails

Ionospheric heaters in the HAARP-facility in Alaska.

Video above. “the purpose of HAARP was to control the ionosphere”. 


    When HAARP was established in the 90’s a huge propaganda machine began to condition us to believe that there was an environmental crisis that had to do with our cars, our pollution, this thing called global warming. They’re blaming carbons for global warming. The problem is that we don’t have enough carbon for the life forms on the planet. We’ve been lied to about it. There is a contingency of power that really is anti-life and wants to undermine life on planet earth and wants to produce another form of life.

Their next move is to blame the sun for climate change.

cop 25_klimatmöte madrid_al gore


    The Space Fence was originally built of radar installations. The Space Fence is about global network warfare under AI in order to master the human domain. They’re dumping trillions of nano sensors in the upper atmosphere many of them which come down to earth and we breathe in. Others of the sensors end up getting caught up in the centrifugal force up there and end up forming a screen around the planet. It is a wireless phenomenon that is alive with wireless frequency. The whole planet is now full of radar installations GWEN towers, Wind farms, NEXRAD’s, Cell towers is all part of the Space Fence. If you wonder why the telecom industry and utility companies seems to be against you and wants to put their towers everywhere, it is because they are all military contractors, they obey the military.

    With every orbital launch about 20 to 120 ton of aluminium particulates are being dumped per year into our upper atmosphere and this we are breathing in. There is an under current of occult brotherhood who is engaged in this secret space program. They have the means and power now to do something on a planetary level. CERN is on a whole other level. The line between physics and metaphysics are being stormed. Our magnetic north are being adjusted, it is several degrees further east. A few years ago our magnetosphere collapsed and the resurrected. That was CERN.

space fence_elana freeland_haarp

The space fence is about military control of space. It is related to 5G.   

Video above: Elon Musk and his Starlink-project is beaming 5G from space. 

Video above about the space fence. 


    Outside Santa Rosa in California they have a LIDAR tower. The Lidar tower experience the atmosphere and then they bring in the jets to thicken up particulates in a targeted area.

    In the Paradise fires it seems like the fires had a will of their own. They went from one house, skipping the next house, going to the next house. The fires were swarming due to their nano nature. They we’re following a algorithm. We have this thing called Li-Fi which is light that transmit data instead of radio frequency. In Paradise they used Li-Fi in that blue spectrum coming down from probably a helicopter which then triggered the nano technology for fire.

    The LED-lamps are pulsing frequently and you will resonate to these pulses. LED’s have sensors in them that sense their environment 24/7. They act on the information and they’re networking with others like them in the Internet of things. LED is a two way technology.


    With United Nations Agenda 2030 and sustainable development we have the Smart Cities. The smart cities are armed with sensors, with surveillance. It can be weaponized through the Cell towers and fiber optic cables, or anything that is calibrated to work in concert in the 60 Hertz in your house, your Internet of Things, your washing machines. Smart cities is an armed city, armed against us.


EU 5g smart cities

The concept of smart cities is based om United Nations Agenda 2030 and sustainable development. Everything will be connected  and monitored. It is done for our “security”.  5G is essential for this plan.



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