The EFDD-group in the EU-parliament says on their homepage”…from an economic viewpoint it almost looks like the Euro was deliberately designed to create a financial crisis”.


EFDD stands for Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy. It’s a EU-skeptic group in the EU-parliament. EFDD has for the moment 44 members of 751 in the European Parliament. In EFDD you can find English UKIP, the Swedish Democrats, Party of Free Citizens from Czech Republic, Alternative for Germany, Order and Justice from Lithuania, Five Star Movement from Italy, and Korwin from Poland.

EFDD writes on their homepage:

“The group favors an open, transparent, democratic and accountable co-operation among sovereign European States and rejects the bureaucratization of Europe and the creation of a single centralized European superstate”.

The two leaders of EFDD is Nigel Farage and David Borrelli. Nigel Farage has been an EU-MEP since 1999 and has pushed on England to leave EU since the start.


EFDD on the Euro

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