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The text below is a transcription from the video of the lecture of Dr John Coleman made in 1994.  Here he talks about the secret organization called “the committee of 300”  that runs America. Their goal is a world government and they use free trade agreements to achieve it.


Anarchy and chaos prevails in Washington D.C. because the federal government has seized powers to which they are not entitled to. And they are passing massive of laws that are 100 percent unconstitutional. And finally we will get tyranny. One of the biggest thing I discovered in my work was the existence of a supranational committee, composed of 300 men. I came across this when I was serving in Africa, Angola. I was given a series of documents and there I discovered that while I thought I was in Africa fighting the communists, I was in fact fighting to introduce socialist regimes in African countries. And that I was actually working for a committee called the committee of 300. Also known as the “Olympians “.


  Today we are being driven on our knees by a tyrannical government which is imposing all sorts of taxes upon us. And worse than that, they are tramping on the constitution of the United States. King George III of England sent Adam Smith – a servant of the British East India Company (EIC) – to formulate a policy  which he called “free trade”. Adam Smith hoped to bring the small manufactures and industries of USA to their knees. Free trade is piracy. There is no such thing as free trade. We have to reject this constant brainwashing which we are subject to. The British East India Company was the most powerful trading company in the world. They made their massive money out of the dope trade. They distributed their opium to China that turned China into a nation of addicts. This fortune was shared by 300 people – the committee that ran the British East India company. The descendants of the British East India Company today run the United States.  They also interfere with the development of the United States on every occasion. The committee of 300 men runs the world today with an iron fist.  Their wealth are unfolded. In my book i name every one of them.


 George Washington told the congress in 1789 that it is necessary to impose tariffs to protect the manufactures of our economies. That was the first trade barrier. In our minds words has been implanted like “isolationist”, “you are for restricted trade” and “you are against global trade”. USA did not grow great on global trade. USA grew great on the hard labor of the people of those days and the wise protection barriers put up by president George Washington. After the war the British tried to dominate USA with free trade. Free trade is nothing by piracy. Free trade is a one way street which allows countries to dump their products on our markets.  The trade barriers were increased by Lincoln, Garfield and McKinley. And all three presidents paid with their lives. The British prime minister Benjamin Disraeli  ordered the British MI6 to assassinate Lincoln, The same way that MI6 publicly executed John F Kennedy. Our funding fathers saw the benefits of trade barriers. They realized that if we were gonna to progress, we couldn’t be the dumping ground of the world.  


The US government doesn’t want you to know that you have upper level parallel government that dictates what is going to happen to your life and mine. What are their goals? Their goals are a one world government, called “the new world order”.  This began with king George III of England in the 1800-century. The world will be controlled by this committee of 300. They carry out their goals by their fantastic wealth and also because that they control  the banking institutions, political organizations and insurance companies. Everything that happens in the insurance world in controlled from Venice Italy. The one world government will be of a brutal kind. They control the democratic party of the United States. They carry out their goals through existing organizations.

They have built up special organizations of their own. I investigated an organization called The Royal Institute for International Affairs  (R.I.I.A) which is located in London. I also investigated the Club of Rome and other organizations. They run the world on order of the committee of 300. The Royal Institute for International Affairs is the execute arm of this committee which gives instructions to the United States to this very day. Every secretary of State in USA that has been appointed since 1919 is appointed by the Royal Institute for International Affairs. Also president Wilson, Roosevelt, James Earl Carter. Jimmy Carter was chosen because ha have had mental breakdowns. They felt he could be a good guy to manipulate. Jimmy Carter was an unknown person. One of my sources said to me: your next president will be a peanut farmer from Georgia. And that was what happened. The Royal Institute for International Affairs had ordered David Rockefeller to find a president candidate that was totally weak.  Preferably mentally weak.


The Tavistock institute put their greatest brain washer in the world doctor Peter Bourne  on the job to find a week candidate. Peter Bourne said:

– One of my patients is a guy from Georgia named James Carter and this guy can’t take rejections and he has been to me three times for nervous breakdown.

So they convinced James Carter and then every newspaper in the country was talking about James Earl Carter. William Jefferson Clinton (Bill Clinton) was also chosen by this committee. The Royal Institute for International Affairs controls everything that happens in the United States. They give their orders to the Morgan Guarantee and Trust bank on Wall Street And they give the orders to the Secretary of State which then gives the orders to the president.

When George Bush was hesitating whether he should get in to the Gulf or not The prime minister of Britain – Ms Margret Thatcher – came over to the head quarter of the committee of 300 at the  Aspen Institute, Colorado. Thatcher told George Bush to “get his ass over here, I got some orders to you about the Gulf”. Bush went there and the next thing we know it was this massive outpouring of propaganda on start a war against the nation of Iraq.

There are many other societies that are operating under the R.I.I.A. The Illuminati which has been around for many years for example.  13 of the top families in the United States are in the Illuminati today and they have a big say. We also have the Society of Cincinnati which is a society which every president of the United States is forced to belong.  It doesn’t matter who is in the White House. This committee of 300 through RIIA through Council of Foreign Relations exercises complete control.

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    Do you know how and where I can contact dr Coleman?

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