The dirty tricks of DNS is revealed.

DNC stands for Democratic National Committee and is the American democrats tool for the democratic party. DNC has used dirty tricks to sabotage for Donald Trump. Project Veritas is an undercover project where James O’Keeffe and friends went undercover and exposed those working for DNC. Two groups that supports the DNC is the Democratic Partners and The Foval Group.

Democratic Partners is run by Bob Creamer and the Foval Group is run by Scott Foval. These groups have been paid by DNC to disturb Trumps rally.

Scott Foval have experience to disturb political meetings. They place people at the meetings which create disturbance. The people are trained to ask the right questions and to disturb the rally. Sometimes Scott has used handicapped people.
Scott Foval says:

– We have had mentally disturbed people who will do the dirty work. But we have to be very careful so that CNN won’t catch us. The last 20 years we have had mentally disturbed people to disturb on rally. I paid their hotel. Some of them were homeless. We use people from the unions, they always are willing. One time we created a fake ill-treatment on a Trump-rally which got much attention in media.

Bob Creamer says:

– On every rally with Trump and Pence we have people there who disturbs. We have team all over USA and also people from the democrats. There is a manuscript on how to disturb. Sometimes the maniacs can bite people and sometimes don’t. Our people starts in the que. Sometimes we have had 500 people on Trump-rallys.


Breitbart: Project Veritas

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