del bigtree_corona_vaccination
del bigtree_corona_vaccination

March 2020

Medicaljournalist Del Bigtree from the channel “The Highwire” say that the authorities should show us the numbers of the death rate of Covid-19 “If they’re gonna destroy this country ,our jobs, out lifestyles then show us the numbers”. At the same time Big Pharma is pushing for mandatory adult vaccination. 

Video above:  Lisa Haven interviews medical journalist Del Bigtree regarding the Coronavirus. 


    Del Bigtree and his show “The Highwire” has brought up Chloroquine as a solution to Covid-19. The pharmaceutical industry is the most powerful lobby in Washington. If the US continues on with a quarantine that locks down every industry, there is only one industry that will not lay off anybody, will not lose a single cent but will make billions if not trillions of dollars more revenue this year and that is the pharmaceutical industry. This is the same industry that is telling us that Covid-19 is deadly and worthy of locking down the entire planet. What is around the corner is a forced adult vaccine program. Every single citizen in Argentina cannot get their drivers license or visa or being able to travel until they get their adult vaccination.  Health and Human Services website says that they want every adult vaccinated by 2020. They weren’t able to get  forced adult mandate until Covid-19 appeared. Mainstream media is owned by Big Pharma. Watch your television tonight, watch the commercials between those breaks. Pharmaceutical commercials are a majority of them. That’s who is paying the salaries of the news anchors and reporters you are you are hearing from. Mainstream media is a billboard for Big Pharma. 

lisa haven_corona_vaccination_highwire

Lisa Haven 


    When we look at Covid-19 it is clear that the entire discussion is about vaccinating adults. Bill Gates works for the World Health Organization and  Gavi. Bill Gates said Covid-19 shows us that we should have some kind of national tracking system or mark that shows whether you’ve have been vaccinated or not. This is the pipe dream of Bill Gates and Big Pharma to be marking you and tracking you to make sure you’re getting your adult vaccine. The vaccination for any Corona virus is one of the most dangerous vaccines ever attempted. Every animal model we’we seen around the world has killed the animals, made them much more sick. The animals bodies overreacted, were overstimulated and therefore made them more sick and many of them died. If we are in quarantine for 3-4 months, no one can work, we are starving to death, it is gonna be really easy under those circumstances to say : “if you want to come out the quarantine, you re gonna have to take this untested, trial vaccine”.

    They say that they will have a vaccine in 12-18 months. They just admitted to you that they’re not gonna do any long-term safety studies on this. They skipped the animal trials and are going right into 45 human beings that is gonna last for four months. Four months is nothing. What happens if we are all forced to get a vaccine that three years from now and some form of Corona virus actually makes the vaccine do the opposite and kills all of us? These kind of things can happen.

bill gates_microchip corona covid19_vaccination

Bill Gates is on it again. This time he wants a mandatory microchip installed in our bodies to determine if we have been vaccinated against Covid-19 .


   CDC, WHO, FDA, We are winning lawsuits against these agencies. These agencies are no longer looking out for your safety. Regulatory agencies are important, unfortunately they have been commandeered by the very industries we’re supposed to be protected from.  CDC is employing people from Pfizer and Merck, FDA is employing people from Monsanto, EPA is employing people from Exxon. Then you don’t have regulatory agencies anymore, they’re being run by the industries. Now the people are on their own. It’s people like you and me trying to bring the truth because they’re not letting us on television. 

   We’re about to see the destruction of our civilization of what appears to be nothing more then what a flu would do or a bad cold. Here in America we’we had up to sixty – eighty thousand people die in a flu season and we didn’t quarantine anybody. 


del bigtree_corona_covid 19_vaccination

Del Bigtree


    The quarantine itself is capable of killing far more people that this illness itself. The death rates in China is now 3000 people in a nation with over 1 billion people. That death rate is close to insignificant . Italy have a high death rate anyway. They have a lot of older people and a lot of them smoke, their medical system is all but crumbled to the ground. When we watch the actual death numbers we still aren’t see Italy any higher than it was last year at this time of year. We’re about to destroy our economy. If a person has Covid-19, did the person die because of it or did they just die with it? That’s a question we should ask. If 15 days from now the health departments of the world cannot deliver us honest clear numbers then they are the least talented human beings we’we ever seen. If you’re gonna destroy this country ,our jobs, out lifestyles then show us the numbers. 


    Nobody was dying of measles before we got the vaccine. The death rate of measles was 1 in 500 000 people in 1960 before there was a vaccine. Once we’we got a virus we have immunity. Your immune system tends to recognize other strains of this. Vaccines are terrible at that, that’s why you have a new vaccine from flu every single year. 

Video above: Del Bigtree has produced the documentary “Vaxxed” which is about the whistle blower from CDC dr. William Thompson which said that CDC are committing scientific fraud.


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“Bill Gates – World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2011” by World Economic Forum is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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