July 2020

Can we trust the incoming Covid-19 vaccine? Del Bigtree from the channel The Highwire gives his view.

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The data shows us that in 1975 one in every 5,000 kids had autism, in 1982 it is one in 2,5oo, in 1994 one in 500, 2000 one in 166 kids, 2004 one in 150, 2009 one in 110 kids, 2011 one in 68, 2013 one in 45. It is projected that in 2032 one out of every two kids will have autism.

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Del Bigtree:

If I’m wrong, show me I’m wrong. Show me a study that can disprove the data I’ve got but no one has ever done that. They cannot say that vaccines are safe Period! I’m not anti-vaccine but I’m against a) injecting products that doesn’t go through safety studies and b) products that have liability protection. Liability protection means that I can’t sue the manufacturer if the vaccine injure me or my children. The vaccine manufacturers hasn’t been able to be sued since the 1986 act took all the liabilities away. The vaccine manufacturers have zero risk.

99% of the population doesn’t need to take the Covid-19  vaccine. Covid 19 is only deadly for .26 % of Americans. 99,74 % of us doesn’t need the Covid-19 vaccine. And by the way, a common cold has always been dangerous for people that are on the late stages of  heart disease or diabetes.

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Bill Gates says he wants a forced vaccination for all 7,5 billion people of the world. This pandemic has been blown out of proportion in order to force the entire adult population into a mandated vaccine program. This has been the goal of the WHO  for many years. I believe that this pandemic has been uses to create such difficulty in our lives that we can’t go to work, we’re losing our money, we have to wear mask, we have to stay apart.  When they rush this vaccine out we say “fine I’ll take it that what it takes to get out life back to normal”.

But know this, it won’t be just that vaccine.  The moment you allow the government to say that you need to take the vaccine you just bought in for the vaccine program for every adult. And guess what, you didn’t get all the 54 vaccines that our kids got, now you have to catch up on 54 vaccines.

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 That is what they’re talking about regarding the Covid-19 vaccine, we are rushing the science. This  Covid vaccine is not a brand new vaccine, it is not another version of a measles vaccine. They have been attempting a Corona virus vaccine since for the last, at least 20 years. Since we had SARS which was a Corona virus back in the early 2000.

Every single animal trial by all of this different drug companies had the same result. In the trials they used ferrets which has a similar immune system to human beings, they gave them their Corona virus vaccine and the animals seems to be doing just fine. It looked like the vaccine really worked. Then they did a challenge study which means that they put the animal in contact with the virus. And every single trials had the same problem: instead of the antibodies protecting the animals from the Corona virus, the antibodies actually helped the virus attack their own immune system and it overreacted. They had serious upper  respiratory condition, organ failure, whats called a cytokine  storm. The immune system sent their body into inflammation in brain and in all over and many of the animals died. They even wrote “we should be very careful moving forward with human trails”.

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Del Bigtree and his show ‘The Highwire’

With the Corona vaccine we’we just skipped the animal trails and we’re going into the human trials that will never have their challenge study in part of this. We’re rushing a vaccine that was deadly in the animal trials.

Think about the money, when there is billions of dollars to be made you will find people that are willing to skip some steps if it means winning the race. There are 100 companies in this race. No one want’s to give up these potential money. We’re potentially watching some of the worst science we’we ever seen.


And imagine if Bill Gates gets his wish of mandatory vaccination. If the WHO manages to force vaccination to the whole planet. Then we all have to get this vaccine in order to get  on an airplane, or to be allowed back onto our job, or to have the tracking app that’s on our phone, to allow us to go to the gym. 

Anthony Fauci has said “there is a potential that this vaccine can get people more sick”. So imagine if everybody gets this vaccine. The scientist are looking at one string of the virus but there is already 30 mutations of the virus.  What happens if we all get the vaccine and maybe it was fine with the virus we came in contact with. But 2 years down the road there is a mutation to the Corona virus. What if this mutation triggers this problem that the vaccine make our immune system to attack us. And now the death rate of Covid is not .26 %. what if it is 5 %, 10 % , what if  80 % of the people start dying because the vaccine is causing the people to get more sick, instead of protecting them?

If  we make a catastrophic error there is no way go get that vaccine out of ourselves. That could be catastrophic for our species. I would like to have the right to choose what’s injected into me. 



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